Profile of the Nike Tour Premiere

Keeping up with the ever-changing and varied needs of golfers can be quite hard for brands. The Nike Tour Premiere highlights several innovations. One of which is the laceless feature, which allows golfers to spend less time focusing on their footwear, but more on their game. 

The shoe is coupled with a waterproof upper and reliable Champ Zarma Tour spikes, which is an ultimate mixture of technologies to make if foolproof on the course. Comfortable, grippy, and armed to battle different weather conditions is what this product is.


Located at the bottom of the Tour Premiere unions are some of the best innovations that the brand has under its belt. Below are some of them:

Raging Seven. Designed to deliver maximum traction without damaging the greens is what the seven CHAMP Zarma Tour spikes are about. The soft pad element is built as an anti-clogging feature that doesn't easily break. Each of the spikes is also removable and can easily be replaced. Golfers can conveniently detect that it is time for a new one when a distinct "C" on the plate shows up. 

The Tour cleats are also equipped with the Tri-LOK system, which brings in undeniable traction and improved ground feel on different terrain conditions. 

Say yes for stability. A transparent TPU outsole holds the spikes and gives them durable traction and stability, which comes in handy for lateral movements.


From running to golf. The midsole of the Nike Tour Premiere is clad with the reputable Phylon midsole. This technology, previously prevalent on running silhouettes, is composed of EVA foam pellets that are condensed, expanded with heat, and cooled with a mold. The result of which is a spongy cushion that absorbs impact and protects the foot.                                

Cushioned comfort. Working together with the Phylon is an 8mm Fitsole sockliner. It gives direct underfoot cushioning ideal for golf-specific movements.           


Get up and go. The traditional lace-up closure, while being the most popular system on trainers, can sometimes be inconvenient for many. Because of this, brands are on the continuous search and development for the best type that would provide a quick cinch and secure lockdown. 

The FastFit system satisfies these demands. It is positioned along the midfoot, and it is built with an easy pull top strap to hold the foot down in place firmly. Red tabs are also provided to loosen up the lock at the end of the round. 

The Tour Premiere also sports a full bootie construction, which levels up its comfortable and secure fit. It is complemented with a padded collar and pull tabs at the tongue and ankle for comfort and quick wear. 

Premium upper. Dressing up the majority of the shoe is a synthetic upper, which is a durable material that works well for the challenges of the course. It is also injected with waterproof construction, so feet stay dry despite playing with bad weather, water hazards, or morning dew. A two-year warranty period is also awarded for this model.

Nike Golf Tour Premiere Style

Golf, being one of the oldest known sports in history, takes great pride over its heritage that it can reflect on its fashion. The Nike Tour Premiere goes the opposite direction and sheds new light on the fairways. 

The technologies that are infused on this golf shoe work to its advantage as they double as style accents. The absence of laces adds sleekness to the whole look and gives it a futuristic and unique vibe. The monochromatic upper highlights the Swoosh on the sidewalls, which is the only brand identifier that is present on the shoe.

Nice to know

  • This item garnered more attention when professional golfer Brooks Koepka wore it during the PGA Championship.


The current trend of Nike Golf Tour Premiere.
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