Our verdict


The Nike Flex TR 9 is a decent option for those who need an affordable yet stylish trainer for low-impact workouts.


  • Adorable design
  • Extreme comfort
  • Serves well for moderate exercise
  • Serves well for walking
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible


  • Heel strap causes the shoe to lip off
  • Uncomfortable tongue curl under edges

Who should buy the Nike Flex TR 9

This Nike Flex TR 9 could be a great match for you if:

  • You want a shoe that serves well for moderate exercise and walking.
  • You are looking for a trainer that is flexible enough to accommodate natural foot movement.

Nike Flex TR 9 Upper material

Profile of the Nike Flex TR 9

Continuing the line of lightweight training shoes for ladies, the Nike Flex TR 9 comes is a refreshed design for upgraded looks and performance. This shoe was seen to perform well in low-impact yet intensive exercises such as circuit training. As a light and highly flexible shoe, the trainer offers secure foot containment without hindering natural movement.

Nike Flex TR 9 Logo

Size and fit

The Flex TR 9 from Nike is matches the shape and size of a female foot and, thus, is offered in women’s sizes only. The available range comes in both full and half sizes, from US 5 to 12.

Nike Flex TR 9 Lacing system

The shoe can be purchased in a standard B - Medium width. It tends to run true to size and fit, so it is safe to select your regular training shoe size when purchasing.

Nike Flex TR 9 Collar


The platform of the Flex TR 9 is made of a single unit called Nike Flex. It is both responsive and flexible, yet durable enough to serve as both the midsole and the outsole. Having one component do the job for the two significantly reduces the weight of the footwear.

Nike Flex TR 9 Insole

The foam material creates a cushiony underfoot experience for the wearer. Even though it is not meant for hard, high-impact foot landings, it keeps the foot safe and sound during moderately-paced workouts. 

Nike Flex TR 9 Midsole

The word “Flex” has been placed into the shoe’s name for a good reason. The bottom side of the sole features Nike’s proprietary Tri-Star groove patterns.

Nike Flex TR 9 Toe box

These geometrical cut-outs make the unit expand when pressure is applied. That way, the foot receives a certain amount of impact protection along with the freedom to bend and flex in multiple directions.

Nike Flex TR 9 Outsole

Rubber pods are strategically placed in the forefoot and heel areas of the sole. They provide extra wear-resistance in these areas while also helping the foot grip the floor. Traction is further enhanced by the sharp textures found throughout the unit.

Nike Flex TR 9 Heel


The Flex TR 9's upper was stripped down, achieving optimal lightness and breathability. Now synthetic overlays are only present on the heel and around the eyelets, giving structure and protection to these areas.

Nike Flex TR 9 Upper

The sturdy fabric heel strap wraps the rearfoot section, giving the sneaker added support. Part of it makes a zig-zag turn under the material and then shows up at the top to form an additional eyelet for the laces.

Nike Flex TR 9 Laces

Once the shoestrings are tightened, the strap pulls up the entire hindfoot section of the shoe, enhancing support. The extended heel collar also contributes to keeping the heel securely in place throughout the movement.

Nike Flex TR 9 Mouth opening