Nike Dunk Low Retro lets you score buckets!

Nike Dunks are among the most tossed-around silhouettes under Swoosh camp. And, it's a hot merch in the resale market. From scoring buckets on the hardwood for its well-padded build, the same DNA flung off-court, landing on the feet of serious skateboarders under the SB Dunk umbrella

Not only did it perform well, it’s one of the well sought-after staple sneakers with indelible street cred title. To make these more accessible to a wider sneaker audience, Nike drops the Dunk Low Retro in attractive colorway options.

Who is it for?

  • Nike fans looking for a go-to retro sneaker that isn’t beyond $100
  • Sneaker hunters eyeing for the next pair of low-top beaters
  • Nike Dunk lovers scouring for a budget-friendly pair

Are Dunk Low Retros resale-worthy?

Not really. Buyers intending to resell Dunk Lows might find it more valuable to go for the premium SPs that come in skyrocketing price tags such as the Syracuse, Kentucky, and Brazil colorways. On the other hand, Dunk Low Retros is priced more affordably since Nike mass-produces these periodically. Thus, they come more accessible to everyone value-wise.


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