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The Nike Classic Cortez is indeed a blast from the past. Although it has already been decades since its debut, it still can assert its relevance in a lot of ways today. Many wearers say that the comfort that this model brings is surprisingly amazing. There are also those who love the timelessness of this pair’s design and style. The Classic Cortez from Nike is indeed an investment with high returns.


  • Lightweight comfort
  • Enduring stylishness (women's version)
  • Affordable
  • Highly recommendable
  • Supportive
  • Grows-with-you design
  • Easy to clean


  • Breathability issues
  • Dumbed-down durability

Who should buy the Nike Classic Cortez

For many of the world’s top fashion stylists, the Nike Classic Cortez has already reached the status of other iconic casual sneakers (think Converse Chuck Taylors). It's the perfect sneaker for you if:

  • You want to blend in while wearing smart casual to semi-formal clothing.
  • You're a woman who's drawn to kicks that never go out of style.
  • Shoes that can keep you far away from underfoot pains are what you need.

Nike Classic Cortez collar

Who should NOT buy it

If you're not that confident with the Classic Cortez's durability, try the tougher Nike Air Max 90 Essential instead. Also, you're better off wearing the Air Tailwind 79 if you're looking for something quite breathable.

Nike Classic Cortez back

The Nike Classic Cortez's cloud-nine plushness

According to many, the Nike Classic Cortez is true to the original model’s goals of comfort and lightness. Because of this, they are unwilling to wear anything else.

Nike Classic Cortez comf1

Prevents arch aches

A considerable number of wearers say that this model provides moderate arch support.

Nike Classic Cortez arch2

Might not last

Several customers are dismayed that the quality of the Nike Classic Cortez has deteriorated, with some models breaking apart quite easily compared to those released in the past.

Nike Classic Cortez side

Timeless chicness for her

Many wearers, especially the ladies, think that the design and overall styling of this pair of kicks do not go out of style.

Nike Classic Cortez chic

Hotness (but not in a good way)

A few reviewers say that this model is not well-ventilated, causing their feet to sweat a lot.

Nike Classic Cortez breathe1

Nike Classic Cortez: Appealing through generations

Many sneaker fans have been wearing the same shoe design for years (since they were teens).

Nike Classic Cortez clear

Legitimately budget-friendly

The Nike Classic Cortez is among the most affordable Nike shoes in the market today.

Nike Classic Cortez toe

Shakes off dirt effortlessly

A significant number of Cortez owners agree that this sneaker is quick to clean and doesn’t quickly get stained.

Nike Classic Cortez clean3

Nike Classic Cortez vs. Adidas Superstar

The street-style design and iconic look of the Nike Cortez sneakers are often compared to and pitted against the bestselling Adidas Superstar. Both classic shoes are often leading the pack in terms of retro styling and look. But what sets the Nike Cortez apart from the Adidas Superstar can be traced back to the shoe’s early beginnings.

The main difference between the  Nike Classic Cortez and the Adidas Superstar is its primary use. At the onset, the Cortez was marketed as a running shoe, while the Superstar was a basketball shoe.

But after several decades, when running and basketball footwear technology has progressed, both the Cortez and Superstar were later on labeled as lifestyle sneakers rather than being performance running or basketball shoes.

Another difference between the Nike Cortez and Adidas Superstar lies in the silhouette front. While both low-top models seem popular for several generations, the build of each shoe is reminiscent of its early functionality.

Case in point: the Cortez takes the shape of a running shoe, while the Superstar takes the mold of a basketball sneaker.

Nike Classic Cortez two