Who should buy Nike Blazer Mid

Definitely get the Nike Blazer Mid if you:

  • want a classic Nike footwear that is available in a wide array of colorways
  • are looking for a breathable Nike shoe that you can wear in the warm season

Nike Blazer Mid swoosh

Who should NOT buy the Nike Blazer Mid

Try checking out the Nike Blazer Low if you want more freedom on your ankles or the Nike SB Blazer Mid if you want a skateboard-inspired iteration.

Nike Blazer Mid collar and tongue

Slip-proof traction of the Blazer Mid

According to some purchasers, the traditional treading of the outsole employs a remarkable amount of traction. 

Nike Blazer Mid outsole

The outsole is patterned with a Herringbone treading for optimal traction and grip, which is also non-marking. 

Overall, the Nike Blazer Mid is hard-wearing

Several customers found the Nike Blazer Mid to be very durable. 

Nike Blazer Mid ankle portion

However, an issue that disgruntled a few customers was the creasing of the ankle portion of the sneaker. 

Stylish but pretty high-maintenance

Many reviewers were impressed with the Nike Blazer Mid’s stylish design and sleek silhouette. A couple of commenters even had it easy with the mid-top sneaker because it easily blends in with most of their clothing. 

Nike Blazer Mid upper

Some customers also loved it that the Nike Blazer Mid accurately embodies the old-school Nikes they cherished. 

But, a couple of reviewers also noticed that the Nike Blazer Mid with a suede material was hard to clean, and an appalled user even mentioned that it attracts a crazy amount of lint. 

Nike Blazer: From basketball to skating to lifestyle wear

The Blazer was the very first Nike basketball shoe.

Then, the Blazer’s vulcanized sole proved worthy of riding sanded boards due to its relatively responsive nature. Leather uppers stood the wear and tear more, hailing the Blazer a good run for the money.  

Nike Blazer Mid side profile

Eventually, the high-cut Blazers were brought to the streets, which caught the eyes of those who are passing by. That phenomenon marked the transition of Nike Blazers from athletic nature to lifestyle. 

The original basketball shoe morphed into casual wear as the fashion timeline approached the zeitgeist when old is hip. Even Nike made it official and introduced the Blazer into their Nike Skateboarding line. 

Skateboard line-up vs. Basketball line-up

The Blazers under the Nike Skateboarding line-up usually have a toe cap protecting the ollie areas, while the classic Nike Blazers have an unencumbered front. 

Nike Blazer Mid toe part

It would only seem relevant that a skating shoe nowadays had pulled its roots from an autoclaved ancestor like the Nike Blazers.  

From highs to lows

Humanity, being the fickle-minded entity as they are, was not contented with the Blazer’s high top hence the stripping down of the Nike Blazer into lows and mid-tops to conform to their routines and style.

As more and more fanatics surfaced, more and more renditions of the Nike Blazer were witnessed by the hungry public. The lows and the highs were a sure crowd-favorite leaving their under-appreciated brother sitting in the Nike archives, waiting for its rightful reign. 

In 2017, the Nike Blazer Mid surely had its revenge. 

Nike Blazer Mid mid cut

Since the Off-White version of this cut was unveiled, the Nike Blazer Mid was introduced in all shapes and sizes. This platoon of design cues makes it difficult to determine which one is which, even from the high tops. 

Looking closely, the High version has a slightly thicker sole than the mid one. Aside from that, all parts are basically the same. From the autoclaved midsole-outsole to the number of lace holes, both shoes are practically similar.

For the ladies

The most famous men’s Nike Blazer Mid would be the Off-White™ version, while most of the generally released mids that contain avant-garde concepts are ladies-exclusives. 

Nike Blazer Mid laces

The women’s Nike Blazer Mid, on the other side of the spectrum, come in different colorways relating more to the feminine side of things.

Facts / Specs

Style: Classic, Sporty, Minimalist
Top: Mid
Inspired from: Basketball
Collection: Nike Blazer, Nike Blazer Mid
Closure: Laces
Material: Leather, Suede, Rubber Sole, EVA
Season: Spring, Fall

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