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According to football players, this Nike cleat is stylish, comfortable, supportive, and durable and is a good all-around football cleat that gets things done on the field. Many are quite pleased with the overall aesthetic and performance of this second Alpha Menace Elite which is perfect for defensive and all-around players to execute their plays successfully.


  • Great style
  • Superb comfort
  • Great for defensive and all-around players
  • Durable for intense plays
  • Worth the price
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent traction for explosive movements
  • Secure fit
  • Excellent traction


  • Not great for players who wear an ankle brace
  • Limits ankle movement
  • Requires break-in time

Who should buy the Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2

This Nike football cleat is a good match for you if:

  • You play a defensive position and are looking for a shoe that offers power and agility
  • You are after a football cleat that is lightweight and can manage intense plays
  • You prefer a boot that offers excellent traction for smooth performance on any type of turf

Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2 logo

Who should not buy the Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2

Footballers mentioned that this Nike Alpha Menace cleat limits their ankle movement and requires a break-in period. The Nike Alpha Menace Shark and the Nike Alpha Menace Varsity offer good ankle and heel support.

Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2: Power and speed

Many athletes mentioned that the Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2 enables them to sprint on the field without any worries. Most of them attested that it gives them great support, containment, and stability. 

Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2 midsole

Breathability at its finest

Footballers love the second Alpha Menace Elite because of its breathability. At the midfoot, players also mentioned that the hook-and-loop strap ensures a snug fit.

Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2 toebox

Fits true to size...

Many athletes praised this pair as it offers a comfortable one-to-one fit and accommodates their feet snugly. However, some also mentioned that this pair is not ideal for athletes who prefer to wear an ankle brace during games.

Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2 outsole

...but needs break-in time

Several footballers have complained about the stiffness of the cleat, which restricts their movements on the foot and ankle. However, some have mentioned that this issue has been fixed after wearing the pair many times.

Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2 insole

Stability and flexibility in one? Check!

People who bought this pair commented that they can maneuver the ball for tricks smoothly due to the stability and flexible grip this shoe brings on any playing surface. This is made possible because of its data-engineered outsole plate.

Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2 collar

Great support? The Alpha Menace Elite 2 does not disappoint!

Footballers attested how the Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2 leaves no room for heel slippage as it cradles the foot completely. It makes sense given that the shoe boasts an internal saddle with sidewalls wrapped upwards to contain the foot.

Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2 tape

Plus, several find the shoe's support and responsive feel top-notch. 

Perfect for quarterbacks

With its long, triangular studs that grip the ground with ease, quarterbacks find it easy to change directions and dodge defenders in the pocket. 

Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2 heel

Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2: Built for multidirectional threats

All-around footballers have nothing but praise for this shoe. Several players commented that the Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2 protects and locks their feet onto the footbed, which is perfect for multidirectional threats.

Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2 laces

Excellent sole for the key player

Key players in the field praised this pair as it protects their feet from the worst hits and tackles on the field and enables them to run faster due to it being light. Some also mentioned that the shoe shows no sign of wear and tear even with frequent use.

Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2 shoe outsole

Made from advanced technology

Equipped with TPU yarns on the forefoot, players attest that it adds strength and protection to the vulnerable areas of the foot. Since this material is flexible, durable, and wear-resistant, athletes mentioned that the shoe protects their toes from getting crushed should it get stepped on or during a collision. 

Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2 side


Additional Info

  • The Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2 features a Phylon midsole that offers lightweight cushioning.
  • Pull tabs at the heel and tongue allows for easy on and off.
  • These football shoes are designed for Pros such as Saquon Barkley and Russell Wilson.

Special Colorways of the Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2

The second Alpha Menace Elite arrives in the following color options:

  • Black/Black/Total Orange/Bright Crimson
  • Black/White/Dark Grey
  • College Navy/White/Blue Void/Deep Royal Blue
  • Game Royal/White/Photo Blue/College Navy
  • University Red/White/University Red/Bright Crimson
  • White/Black/Wolf Grey
  • White/Bright Crimson/Black/Bright Crimson
  • White/White/Black/Bright Crimson
  • White/White/Wolf Grey