Who should buy the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep

The Air Zoom SuperRep is a head-turner, for sure. But apart from the visual appeal, this training shoe from Nike is a solid option for workouts with lots of jumps (cardio, aerobics, dance-based workouts, etc.).

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep logo

Who should NOT buy the trainer

On the downside, the SuperRep may not be for you if:

  • you prefer a more conventional cross-training shoe design (see Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge)
  • you have wide feet (Nike is notorious for running on the tight side but luckily, other brands have shoes in Wide variants)
  • your workouts require a more “grounded” shoe for side-to-side stability and weightlifting (then you should surely go for Nike Metcon 7)
  • if you want a more budget-friendly HIIT shoe, the Reebok HIIT trainer could be a great alternative.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep best uses

Air Zoom SuperRep was born for HIIT

Nike designed the SuperRep as its very first trainer dedicated to HIIT. Many reviewers are impressed with the shoe’s performance during cardio sessions, boot camps, circuit training, kickboxing, Body Pump, and Body Combat workouts, among many other agile exercises.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep cushioning

Some HIIT enthusiasts note that the SuperRep is very efficient in accommodating quick transitions and explosive movements. Inside, there is a midfoot plate called the Flyplate. This component puts your feet in the “attack stance” wherein the weight is placed on the balls of the feet, helping to kick-start your moves.

Great fusion of springiness and stability

The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep offers exuberant cushioning for a bouncy ride during jumps and short-distance runs. This is primarily due to the Air Zoom units under the balls of the feet. The moment your foot hits the floor, that burst of energy from impact bounces your foot back up, ready for the next step.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep zoom air pods

At the same time, it has a flat heel and stabilizing units on the sides to assist in moderate weightlifting. Most people also feel safe doing skate lunges and other side-to-side exercises, as the shoe offers lateral stability.

Exception: it’s a no-go for a rowing machine

More than a few gym buffs find the shoe unsuitable for rowing machine exercises because of the wide and padded out heel. It doesn’t fit in. If rowing takes up a significant portion of your workouts, you may want to consider the SuperRep Surge which has a specially designed heel clip that locks into the machine.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep wide heel

So comfortable, you forget about foot pain

Many users are elated by the shoe’s comfort. They report no fatigue or discomfort after wearing the pair even during the most intense workout sessions.

Some of the features that contribute to this are:

  • the chunky heel that helps the wearer land softly on their heels
  • the soft mesh fabric which hugs the foot like a sock

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep fit

Split sole helps your foot bend with ease

The trainer offers exceptional flexibility, as stated by many.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep flexibility

The sole is constructed with a significant gap between the forefoot and the heel. There is also the ‘burpee break,’ which is a deep groove under where the toe bends. This feature aims to make burpees, sled pushes, push-ups, and the likes less strenuous on the toes.

The Nike SuperRep is surprisingly lightweight

Despite the evidently chunky style, the shoe feels very light on the foot, as multiple wearers say.

Your feet stay fresh when it gets hot

There have been no complaints about the lack of ventilation. The mesh upper material does a great job of maintaining breathability.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep breathability

Catchy design but it’s not for everyone

It’s impossible to go unnoticed at the gym when wearing the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep. Its bulky, exaggerated design combined with the vivid colorways is a killer combo.

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep design

However, some people find this silhouette a bit too progressive for their liking. They also mention that it feels a bit weird wearing this trainer for the first few times.

Facts / Specs

Update: Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 3
Use: Workout, HIIT / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
Release date: Jan 2020
Features: Slip On
Collection: Nike Air, Nike SuperRep
BRAND Brand: Nike

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