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What is it for? Nike designed the SuperRep as its very first trainer dedicated to HIIT. Thus, the shoe can keep you company during cardio sessions, boot camps, circuit training, kickboxing, Body Pump, and Body Combat workouts, among many other agile exercises. Its exuberant cushioning accommodates short-distance runs, adding springiness to the ride. At the same time, it has a flat heel and stabilizing units on the sides to assist in moderate weightlifting.

The idea behind the SuperRep. Nike aims to fill the gap in the training shoe market for group fitness classes. People who do interval training either wear shoes that offer ample cushioning or one with supportive structures, but not both.

With the unique construction of the Air Zoom SuperRep, it promises to lessen impact during plyometrics while also offering flexibility to make burpees and push-ups easy on the feet. It’s almost as if Nike had beginners in mind when they designed this trainer.


Traction. No one wants to slip when they’re doing box jumps, burpees, lunges, and all the other agile movements involved in HIIT exercises. To prevent slippage, Nike lined the bottom of the Air Zoom SuperRep with rubber. This compound is pliable and provides ample grip on various gym floors.

Smooth transitions. The chunky heel features a beveled edge. This assists wearers to land softly on their heels and transition to a midstance position smoothly. The forefoot is also curved upwards, aiding clean toe-offs.


Impact protection. One of the most striking elements in the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep is the transparent layer of the midsole. This unit is called the Air Zoom. It has two pods that are highly responsive to impact. The moment your foot hits the floor, that burst of energy from impact bounces your foot back up, ready for the next step.

The plush cushioning on this model is unlike those used in the Nike Metcon line. Metcons have thinner and denser foams that effectively dull impact but not as bouncy.  

Flexibility. The sole is constructed with a significant gap between the forefoot and the heel. This construction promotes bending. There is also the ‘burpee break,’ a deep groove under where the toe bends. This feature aims to make burpees, sled pushes, push-ups, and the likes less strenuous on the toes.

Stability. A unique feature of the Air Zoom SuperRep is the Containment Shield placed on the midfoot. These exaggerated arcs provide lateral support to keep the foot steady during side-to-side movements. 

Movement. This Nike trainer features a midfoot plate called the Flyplate. This layer puts your feet in the attack stance wherein the weight is placed on the balls of the feet, allowing wearers to effortlessly move forward when needed.


Supportive wrap. A mesh fabric makes up the front top of the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep. This material is soft, allowing it to hug the foot like a sock to deliver reliable coverage. Another soft and smooth fabric makes up the rearfoot of the trainer. It provides a close fit at the back to aid in the heel lockdown.  

Lockdown. Slip the Air Zoom SuperRep with no hassle thanks to its bootie-style construction. If you want extra midfoot security, you can tighten the laces at the midfoot to achieve this.

Other HIIT shoes to consider

Nike Alpha Savage

Though the Air Zoom SuperRep is marketed as Nike’s first HIIT-dedicated trainer, the Nike Air Max Alpha Savage can also be a suitable choice. Like the SuperRep, the Alpha Savage features a split-sole construction for flexibility with a rubber outsole for reliable traction.

As for cushioning, the Alpha Savage also uses vacuumed air to reduce shock. However, the Air cushioning in the Alpha Savage is at the heel, not under the forefoot.

Reebok HIIT

Nike isn’t the only brand that released footwear dedicated to survive the grueling moves of interval training. The Reebok HIIT is equipped with a plush EVA foam midsole that serves to lessen the impact of foot landings. A rubber outsole lines the underside of this Reebok workout shoe and has a groove in the middle that facilitates controlled side movements.

As for the upper, the mesh fabric ensures comfort and breathability. It also features an integrated cage that aids in foot containment.

Facts / Specs

Update: Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2
Use: Workout, HIIT / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
Release date: Jan 2020
Features: Slip On
Collection: Nike Air, Nike SuperRep
BRAND Brand: Nike

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