Verdict from 6 experts and 56 user reviews

6 reasons to buy

  • Comfort: Almost all of the owners praise the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour for its plush cushioning and comfort inspired by running shoes.
  • Well styled: A lot of individuals find this golf shoe to be aesthetically appealing.
  • Traction: Several users applaud the model's grip on different surfaces.
  • Waterproof: The Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour works well with keeping water at bay, according to a number of wearers.
  • Easy to clean: Some reviewers claim that this pair's midsole, in particular, doesn't stain and takes minimal effort to clean.
  • Light: A few commenters say that it is relatively light.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Rubbing: Several wearers gripe about how the heel area's padding tends to cause friction in their Achilles heel.
  • Color options: A couple of individuals demand more colorways of this model.

Bottom line

The Air Zoom Infinity Tour sports excellent design, traction, and comfort once you find the ideal fit. This Nike golf shoe also draws curiosity through its outsole spike design as it pushes the classic definition of spiked and spikeless shoes. Yes, they have spikes, but they're not removable - a hybrid perhaps.

The Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour can be an exceptional companion for numerous rounds on the course.

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A golf shoe inspired by running shoes and made for a pro

In 2017, pro golfer Brooks Koepka presented Nike a challenge: design a running shoe that Koepka could golf in. Backed up by years of experience and knowledge in designing and manufacturing running shoes, the Swoosh brand was up for this challenge.

The major sports brand borrowed upper features from running shoes, outsole designs from soccer cleats, and Nike Zoom Strobel technology from the Durant line and applied it on the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour.

Brooks Koepka approved this shoe, and Nike alleges that Koepka's swing speed relatively increased compared to his previous performance.

Who is it for? The Air Zoom Infinity Tour is recommended for players on the hunt for a stylish and ultra-cushioned golf shoe.

What makes it different? Apart from being inspired by running shoes in terms of response and cushioning, this pair stands out from its siblings as it can't be traditionally categorized as a spiked or spikeless golf shoe. It is also said that the piston spikes are equipped with a data-informed traction pattern to yield exceptional grip.