Our verdict


The basketball-inspired Nike Zoom Flight 95 comes with a luxe leather cover that rests atop a cushy Air sole unit. Buyers lauded the level of cushioning coming from the combined Zoom Air unit in the forefoot and the Air-sole property towards the heel. Expect to pay a hefty sum as this doesn’t come cheap.


  • Soft leather cover
  • Buttery cover
  • Toes fit perfectly
  • Tongue stays in place
  • Great neoprene lining
  • Breathable collar
  • Retro design
  • Excellent midsole
  • Absorbs shock
  • Durability


  • Heavy leather cover
  • Lacks breathability
  • High price

Who should buy the Nike Zoom Flight 95

Consider buying this unique pair of Nike sneakers if:

  • You love a chunky and sporty style shoe
  • You want to have a durable pair as this is made of leather and rubber sole

Nike Air Zoom Flight 95 logo1

Retro style of Nike Zoom Flight 95

The mid-top Nike Air Zoom Flight 95 is a revamp of the 1990s basketball shoe called Nike Zoom Flight 95 with a highly noticeable space-age-looking midsole marked by the circular pods on the lateral and medial sides.

Nike Air Zoom Flight 95 midsole1

This casual sneaker is covered with leather, which adds a refined look to one’s pair of jersey shorts and joggers.

Zoom Flight 95 features

Dual-cushioning is the distinct feature of the mid-top Nike Air Zoom Flight 95. The sole of this lifestyle sneaker is loaded with a rich history as it carries with it two renowned cushioning technologies by Nike.

Nike Air Zoom Flight 95 outsole2

One is the Air-sole unit, which is the same kind of compressed air embedded in the sole of the Air Max variations.

Another is Zoom Air, which is known as Tensile Air back in the 1990s. The combined functions of these two properties offer a great deal of comfort to the feet.

Nike Air Zoom Flight 95 outsole3

Apart from the cushioning properties, this upgraded edition maintained the carbon support shank feature of its original model, which is the white portion surrounding the pods on the midsole.

This design offers a retro-futuristic look that appeals to fashion-forward users. 

Nike Air Zoom Flight 95 style1

History of Zoom Flight 95

Nike highlights its mid-1990s golden years of basketball by putting back on shelves a flashback of the Zoom Flight 95 in the Spring of 2017.

The Nike Air Zoom Flight 95 came loud with its popping design created by Eric Avar, the same designer behind the asymmetrically laced Nike Air Shake Ndestrukt released a year after.

Nike Air Zoom Flight 95 design

An essential aspect of this shoe lies within its sole, which integrated responsive cushioning engineering called the Nike Zoom Air tech. This cushioning device is made of a combination of pressurized air and tinsel fibers that tightly compresses and disperses the force of impact in a spring-like motion.