Our verdict

Nike Air Zoom BB NXT is light with plenty of cushion. Looking at it, it has a lot of cushion, but when I picked it up and tested it, it actually felt surprisingly light! When I laced it up, the shoe felt very comfortable and responsive. The extensive sole makes it look tall despite it being a low-top shoe. BB NXT definitely has an advanced design to feel this good.


  • True to size
  • Nice fit
  • Impressive cushioning
  • Great lockdown
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Out-of-the-box comfort
  • Good traction


  • No ankle support

Audience verdict


Who should buy it

Anyone who doesn’t want mid or high-top basketball shoes, namely point guards and shooting guards, will enjoy the sleek feel of the BB NXT. 

Who should NOT buy it

I suggest considering other models if you:

  • need a shoe with lots of ankle support (the Nike KD 14 is praised for its great ankle support)
  • looking for an outdoor basketball shoe (the Cosmic Unity is also suitable for outdoor use)

Nike Air Zoom BB NXT: light and quick

Most basketball shoes I play in are mid-top or high-top with more ankle support. I jump a lot and play aggressive defence so ankle support is a must. The BB NXT makes you “feel shifty” because they are extremely comfortable and responsive to quick footsteps. 

Any and every ball move I go to execute is quick because the shoes are light and when my foot makes contact, I can react quickly. 


The Nike BB NXT fits comfortably

The Nike BB NXT is true to size and it is good for playing and comfortable enough for everyday wear.


The BB NXT has multiple layers of cushion

The BB NXT didn’t give any hot spots or sliding when laced up and playing. The shoe performed well when doing the shooting and ball-handling drills. The multiple layers of cushion feel like they are evenly distributed from the toe to the heel.

It is easy to like

The materials in the upper are mostly made of mesh, which gives a good tight lockdown feel and yet is still breathable. 


The Air Zoom BB NXT is durable

After wearing it during a few workouts there are no real signs of wear and the shoe is holding up pretty good. 

No complaints out of the box 

There was no break-in period for the Air Zoom BB NXT. Pretty much out of the box it felt the same from day 1. Very convenient to just play in these. 


The “stop and go” was perfect!

The BB NXT grip was a very high-quality rubber texture! I played on a laminate floor and “stop and go” was perfect. I can only imagine how good the traction would be on hardwood floors! 



The Nike Air Zoom BB NXT is one of my new favourites to play in! The utility of this shoe extends beyond basketball due to the extremely comfortable cushioning. The ability to play fast and decisively will appeal to a lot of players who enjoy a lightweight shoe that is comfortable to wear for an extended timeframe. 


Basketball players who more actively jump, rebound, and defend will likely lean to a shoe with more ankle support to prevent rollover. The BB NXT offers a great option for your basketball shoe rotation!