Who should buy the Nike Air Max 270 G

Nike guys and gals who are huge fans of the 270 design are definitely on the first flight for this golf edition of the sneaker. As one of them says, it’s “the greatest Air Max to golf green!” As a spikeless shoe, it can also be worn casually, allowing you to remain stylish off the course.

It has also got impressive waterproofing characteristics. No rain or morning dew can ruin your nice and dry socks as you’re wearing the 270 G.

Nike Air Max 270 G best for

Who should not buy this golf shoe

Getting this pricey golf shoe from Nike may not be worth the money for those who:

  • Want a highly durable spikeless shoe. In this case, Nike Air Max 1 G would be a better option.
  • Have wide feet. With an extremely narrow build of the 270 G, even going a full size up may not be enough for some. Shoes like New Balance 574 Greens and Footjoy Flex XP have a more relaxed fit and are also available in Wide.

Nike Air Max 270 G narrow

Warning: it’s a narrow shoe, prepare to size up

“Holy geez are they narrow,” says a disappointed buyer echoing hundreds of other reviews. Many of them think that if it wasn’t for the tight fit, this could have been a fantastic golf shoe. The brand itself warns about the shoe’s snug fit and recommends getting a half size up. However, this still hasn’t helped everyone.

Depending on their foot shape, the wearers of Nike Air Max 270 G split into three categories:

  • Those with narrower feet say that the shoe is snug but it’s not that bad, “not in a painful restricting way.” For them, a short break-in period of several golf sessions was enough to make it comfortable. 
  • Most people just found the shoe narrow but going from half-a-size to a full-size up made it better.
  • People with wider feet found it ridiculously narrow. “My feet were killing me…as if I had a compression belt on my feet,” says one of them.

A challenge that everyone faced no matter the foot size, is the difficulty of putting the shoe on: “like putting on a pair of ski boots,” “my boyfriend couldn’t even fit half of his foot in,” “felt like cramming my foot in a full size smaller shoe”. The issue is caused by the bootie design with a sewn-in tongue and a very tight opening.

Nike Air Max 270 G tight fit

Cushioning is incredibly comfortable 

A lot of praise was given to the 270 G’s Air Max heel cushioning as well as the foam. It was not just the fans of the OG 270 who were ecstatic about the underfoot feel but also the avid golfers who have tried many other golf shoes.

A player who’s been in the sport for 36 years and does 10000 yard walks reports that “these might be the most comfortable.” After almost 6 miles, his feet felt just as good at the end of the round, as they did at the start of the round.

Other golfers also happily expressed that playing in the shoe felt “like walking on air the entire round” and “like gliding on the grass.”

Nike Air Max 270 G cushioning

It’s a stable golf shoe, don’t let the Air bubble mislead you

Some professional golfers were at first concerned that the exaggerated Air Max component would compromise the steadiness. But in fact, it was never an issue for them. “I didn’t once feel shaky or slick,” comes from one of the players.

What contributed to the shoe’s stability is the plastic external heel counter which makes your heel locked into the back. Another factor is actually the shoe’s snugness (a mixed blessing!). As one of the golfers says, “it helps in the connection with the ground during a full swing.”

Nike Air Max 270 G stability

Nike Air Max 270 G keeps your socks and feet dry

The shoe’s waterproofing shows excellent results. Be it heavy morning dew or a rainy day, it passes every test with flying colors. 

A reviewer poured 300 ml of water all throughout the upper, including the tongue area, and his socks remained 100% dry.

As a nice bonus, this Nike golf shoe also comes with a waterproofing warranty.

Nike Air Max 270 G waterproofing

Be careful not to poke the Air bag

Unfortunately, quite a few golfers were upset to find out that the Air pocket started leaking on their shoes. For some, it happened due to some real damage like protruding it with a stick or a rock, making it “flat as a door nail.” Others just noticed that after some time (from a few rounds to 2 months), it just began leaking air.

Some wearers mentioned that it felt like a small leak which didn’t affect performance but did make a squeaky sound when stepping. But the less satisfied buyers insisted on returning or exchanging the shoe.

This unpleasant nuance made more than a few golfers consider the price tag too steep. As one of them sums it up, “for the money and the brand name, I would expect a more robust shoe.” Another also noted that it is too pricey for a spikeless golf shoe too. To be specific, it’s $18 more expensive than the average. 

Nike Air Max 270 G air max

Feels a bit heavy on the foot

Don’t expect a featherlight experience when wearing a pair of Nike Air Max 270 Gs. Golfers generally agree that it is heavier than most golf shoes these days. Some attribute it to the rubber which is “heavier than your standard golf shoe.”

Amazing traction for a spikeless shoe

A great majority of golfers expressed that the 270 G exceeded their expectations in terms of grip. Those who played in morning dew, light rain, and post-rain grass had no problems at all. Some were even blown away, saying that the shoe performed exactly as [they] needed…and provided “plenty of rotational grip.”

Nike Air Max 270 G traction

Hard to tell apart from the original Nike Air Max 270

Most people choose this golf shoe for one obvious reason - the legendary 270 sneaker silhouette it derived from. 

“Sharp-looking,” “easy-to-love,” and “sleek,” are just some of the words that golfers use to describe the shoe. Needless to say how many compliments it gains for its wearer with its “wow factor.” It is one of the rare golf shoes which help you play effectively on the course while expressing yourself from a fashion standpoint.

Facts / Specs

Outsole: Spikeless
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Material: Synthetic Upper
Closure: Slip-on, Laces
Collection: Nike Air, Nike Air Max
Style: Athletic
BRAND Brand: Nike

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Cesar Monasterio

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