Profile of the Nike Air Max 1 G

Even though the term "icon" is loosely given to many, the Nike Air Max 1 is one of the few that has proven itself for the title. This Tinker Hatfield brainchild is already a familiar face in the footwear community. Different versions from this line cater to various sports.

We have seen it as a basketball, training, and lifestyle shoe. But, the legend of the Air Max doesn't end there. Golf is its newest endeavor and it’s ready to take the greens with a bang.

The spinoff is called the Nike Air Max 1 G. And, based on the looks of it, it carries the same coolness and sleekness as its predecessors. What sets it apart from the others is that it is tweaked to suit the golfers’ needs to keep the performance set at a maximum level.


It is a saying in golf that the perfect swing starts from the ground up. Nike takes note of that by applying the Integrated Traction pattern on the outsole. It is a ripple-like design that is intended to separate the medial heel and the lateral forefoot. In effect, a more consistent swing is achieved without destroying the grass.


Like the OG. The AM 1 G also emphasizes the visible Air unit. This technology is usually seen on basketball and lifestyle footwear. This time, golfers can take advantage of the impact protection and long-lasting cushioning system.

Bring it on with Phylon. This compound revolutionized running shoes as it offers a spongy midsole that is durable and lightweight. These attributes highly benefit golfers as walking distances and doing powerful swings comprise the sport. The Air Max 1 G sports a full-length Phylon midsole.


Synthetic leather makes up the upper of the AM 1 G. This material is naturally water-resistant, arming it for all-condition play. There are no-sew overlays for this model to further keep water from entering the inside of the trainer.

Nike Air Max 1 G Style

Golf is a very traditional sport, and that reflects a lot in its fashion. Over the years, golfers have been dressing differently. Incorporating trends is not an unusual sighting on the course. Currently, more and more golfers are adopting street-style which explains why more and more sneaker-like pieces are being released.

The Nike Air Max 1 G, as classic and timeless as it is on different sports arenas, is a breath of fresh air in golf. The modern-looking item continues to sport the signature elements as what it is known for. It includes the trademark Swoosh on the side, the exposed Air unit, and the contrasting colors. The slightly chunky form also opens the gate to the dad sneaker trend.

The shoe clearly shows that the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. The whole look pays tribute to the main model as most of the colorways look identical. It means that being golf-ready and street-ready can easily be achieved. The water-resistant upper complements the style for versatility.

Additional Info

  • As an ode to the Masters 2019, Nike released a Snake Pack edition which features a black snakeskin textured upper. Along with the special colorway, Nike also released 5 Masters-specific pairs. Unfortunately, the release was postponed and launched on a later date.
  • American professional golfer Tony Finau wore the AM 1 G as he competed for the Masters 2019.
  • Spreading the Air Max golf line is a recently launched shoe, the Nike Air Max 1 G NRG.


The current trend of Nike Air Max 1 G.
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