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Nike Ace Summerlite: A women's exclusive breathable golf shoe

Designed especially for the ladies, the Ace Summerlite has been on Nike's roster before but eventually got discontinued. The Swoosh has brought it back with a few significant improvements.

This new version now adds a thin, flexible layer for added durability and keeping out debris. It also features a new lightweight traction design without dropping the level of grip.

Who is it for? The Nike Ace Summerlite is a golf shoe that will suit the following types of women golf players:

  • Individuals who prefer playing in warm weather
  • Lady golf players searching for footwear designed explicitly for women's feet
  • People who love a modern-looking, sporty golf shoe
  • Relatively affordable golf footwear

What makes this pair a must-have:

  • From its design to the shape, the shoe caters to the ladies of golf. It aims to provide a comfortable, feminine look and feel for women.
  • Lightweight and breathable, perfect for playing in the summer heat
  • Excellent traction for stable, dynamic swings


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