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5 reasons to buy

  • Majority of New Balance SD200 v1 users like how it is built to be incredibly lightweight.
  • Several wearers agree that the shoe’s construction makes it fit like a glove.
  • Quite a few wearers appreciate that the shoe is very comfortable to wear.
  • Some users like the support they get from the SD200 v1.
  • Many of the users are impressed by the track shoes’ affordable price.

2 reasons not to buy

  • One SD200 v1 user said the spikes did not last through one racing season.
  • A couple of users note that the shoe fits right but has thin materials.

Bottom line

The SD200 v1 is designed to be both aggressive yet lightweight for the racing sprinter. This track shoe from New Balance does not sacrifice comfort while delivering maximum power and responsiveness. It gives any racer the track advantage that they need. Powered by the lightweight Fantom Fit and a strategically configured eight-pin spike plate, the New Balance SD200 v1 is liked by most users for its overall excellent performance.  These sprinting spikes are a must-have in any novice or pro sprinter’s racing shoes arsenal.

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Use - The New Balance SD200 v1 is designed for new and seasoned athletes competing in track and field sprinting events.

Spike Type - This track shoe from New Balance uses the standard ¼ Pyramid spikes. It helps maximize the shoe's power and responsiveness.

Spike Plate - The shoe incorporates the Pebax spike plate on its outsole. This optimizes flexibility while maximizing the shoe's durability.

The SD200 v1 features lightweight synthetic upper materials. This upper construction is dubbed as the Fantom Fit shoe technology by New Balance. It lives up to its name by offering high levels of breathability and support while maintaining a lightweight functionality.

The shoe is designed to be ultra-lightweight and comfortable with its thin tongue and collar components.

One of the good things about the SD200 v1 is that it is available in both men's and women's sizes. It comes in medium D sizing men and medium B sizing for women. It snugs up nicely on the wearer's foot without feeling cramped or tight in the midfoot and toe box areas.

These sprinting spikes feature an aggressive eight-spike configuration that delivers maximum power and response on every stride. Just like the Nike Zoom Matumbo 3, the SD200 v1 also uses the ¼ inch Pyramid spikes for that ultimate grip and traction during races. 

These Pyramid spikes are strategically configured in the Pebax spike plate on the shoe's outsole. The Pebax spike plate offers the right amount of flexibility and support needed for sprinting events.

The one component that is fitted in the shoe's midsole is the foam insole which gives added comfort.  No other shoe technology is incorporated in the SD200 v1 to keep its weight down.

The most significant feature in the SD200 v1's upper is the Fantom Fit shoe technology. This shoe technology is inspired by the unique movement of a sprinter's foot. It is a skeletally engineered upper that gives ultralight support and fit. The Fantom Fit is created by fusing both lightweight synthetic performance mesh with a thicker, supportive synthetic layer in a no-sew process. The no-sew process involves placing support in the shoe's key areas while keeping an overall lightweight and breathable feel. 

The SD200 v1 also has a soft fabric lining that offers a tremendous next-to-foot fit and feel.

The shoe's upper is finished off with a lace closure that does not only secure the shoe to the wearer's foot but also provides a customizable fit.

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