Profile of the New Balance SD100 v2

Use - The New Balance SD100 v2 is ideal for hurdles and 100m – 400m events. It is built for speed and perfect for the athlete who is in their early track career. The SD100 v2 is also an excellent option for sprinters who are new to the sport and have not figured out their specialty. This track and field running shoe provides enough versatility to be used in a variety of sprint events.

Spike Type - The shoe has a six ¼ inch pyramid spike configuration, and it is responsible for providing superior traction and power in the forefoot. It digs into the track helping propel the runner forward for faster transitions and new personal bests.

Spike Plate - The SD100 v2 uses the Pebax spike plate, and it is strategically placed at the forefoot. It is a stiff polymer plate that offers increased propulsion. The Pebax spike plate also provides aggressive traction and unbeatable speed.

Updates to New Balance SD100 v2

  • The New Balance SD100 v2 has been updated with open mesh upper material. It comprises the upper for enhanced lightweight breathability.
  • It is complemented with no-sew overlays that provide a seamless wrap and a secure fit. The shoe’s bootie construction then also keeps debris from getting inside the shoe. It also secures the heel when running through rough terrains like deep mud.
  • The SD100 v2 also features an Internal shank that is made of a thermoplastic unit. The internal shank is found in the midsole, and it provides the shoe’s torsional rigidity.
  • The shoe is also fitted with an ankle collar that supports the wearer’s ankle and locks in the fit.
  • Finally, a rubber outsole material extends from the shoe’s heel to the Pebax plate. It has a textured outsole material that offers additional grip.

Size and fit

The New Balance SD100 v2 is made in a men’s medium sizing B, and women’s medium sizing D. It also features a no-sew upper construction that provides a snug, and distraction-free fit. The shoe’s bootie also has a construction that offers a supportive and sock-like fit for optimal comfort.


Similar to the popular Nike Zoom 400, the SD100 v2 uses a six-pin Pebax spike plate that works with a rubber outsole to deliver efficient traction.

The six Pebax spike configuration provides superior traction and power in the forefoot, while the rubber heel gives added protection in the rearfoot.

The thermoplastic polymer outsole offers high-strength support with great flexibility. It also has impact-resistant properties for long-lasting durability.


The shoe’s midsole is incorporated with the REVlite shoe technology in the midsole. It is an innovative foam compound that provides the same durability and responsiveness of other New Balance foams but is 30% heavier. The REVlite offers excellent cushioning while still giving the wearer’s feet a close to the ground feel.

The SD100 v2 also has an internal shank located in the midsole, and it delivers a slightly stiffer feel at faster paces. It is made up of thermoplastic material, and it is responsible for the shoe’s adaptability to torsional rigidity.


The New Balance SD100 v2’s comfortable fitting upper is inspired by the New Balance FuelCore Sigma premium competition shoe. Featuring ankle-high bootie construction and synthetic materials that offer support for aggressive movements during the race.

The upper is made with an open mesh upper material that features no-sew overlays. Both these shoe technologies provide comfort and a supportive fit. It helps the runner perform at their very best on a variety of distances.


The current trend of New Balance SD100 v2.
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