Who should buy the New Balance MD800 v6

The New Balance MD800 v6 is a durable and lightweight track shoe best suited for:

  • mid-distance races
  • 800 meters to 3,000 meters events

Profile of the New Balance MD800 v6

Use – The New Balance MD800 v6 features an aggressive design that permits optimal performance for mid-distance race, ranging from 800 meters to 3,000 meters. 

Spike Type – Following the standard spike pin requirement, the track shoe is paired with pyramid pins. These spikes are ¼-inch in length for lightweight, optimal grip on the surface. These dig into the ground for a stable and swift running performance. 

Spike Plate – The spike plate composition of the MD800 v6 is identical to that of the Nike Zoom D; it employs a Pebax plate. This element supplements maximum traction on the track. 

Updates to the New Balance MD800 v6 

  • Featuring a rigid and lightweight design, the MD800 v6 is configured to speed up your ride. With its new 6-pin tear drop spike plate, this track and field running shoe gives off a smooth and easy transition while reducing weight. 
  • Situated in the shoe’s midsole is the shoe’s thin RevLite foam, giving sufficient cushioning to support the runner throughout the race. 
  • Covering the whole upper is an engineered mesh that secures foot lockdown, while a knitted heel gives the foot comfort and security. 

Offers secure and breathable wrap

Designed using standard sizing measurement, the MD800 v6 is available for both male and female racers looking to heighten their race performance. Featuring a newly engineered mesh upper, the shoe gives the foot a secure and breathable wrap. 

On the other hand, the traditional lacing system of the shoe gives it an adjustable fit. Supplemented to its heel is the knit coverage that provides secure lockdown. 

MD800 v6 delivers impact resistance

A high-strength thermoplastic polymer comprises the outsole of the New Balance MD800 v6. It employs excellent flexibility and impact resistance to enhance the durability and longevity of the shoe.  

To enable maximum surface traction, a 6-spike Pebax plate configuration is furnished to this track and field shoe. 

Highly durable and flexible

The Pebax plate is known for being highly durable, protecting the shoe from abrasive elements. It also obtains flexible qualities to allow movement. 

Moreover, the spike plate of the shoe utilizes a teardrop shape, allowing snappy toe-offs and efficient

Lightweight cushioning

A trimmed down RevLite foam, an innovative foam compound, is situated in the midsole of the MD800 v6 in order to provide a lightweight cushioning.  

The lasting of the shoe is an RL-2, which is a distance racing-specific last, featuring a narrow heel, a standard forefoot width, and a standard toe-box height. 

New Balance MD800 v6 provides optimal security 

Providing an outer coverage to the New Balance MD800 v6 is an engineered mesh upper. It supplies seamless fit and optimal security to the foot, preventing slippage. 

One of the updates made to the shoe is the integration of a knit heel, giving comfort and lockdown. For an adjustable fit and foot security, the MD800 v6 has a traditional lacing system.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 126g / Women 112g
Closure: Lace-up
Event: Running
Features: Removable Spikes
Spike Type: Pyramid
Spike Size: 1/4-inch
Surface: Rubber

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Zack Dunn
Zack Dunn

I race distances between 800 meters and 10K whether it be on the track, the roads, or on cross country courses. My typical training consists of easy days, long days, workouts (fartleks, tempos, interval training, etc.). My typical training paces range from 7’30 a mile on easy days to sub-5 minutes a mile on fast interval days, and with many paces in between. I run anywhere from 40-60 miles a week. My personal bests are 2:00 for 800m, 4:30 for 1600m, 9:50 for 3200m, 15:57 for 5K, and 34:10 for 10K.