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5 reasons to buy

  • Many of the purchasers claim that the New Balance MD500 v7 is grippy. 
  • Quite a few reviewers hail the lightness of the running spike. 
  • Some testers appreciate the breathability of the track shoe. 
  • It has a durable configuration, observed several users. 
  • For some, the track running shoe has ample support.

2 reasons not to buy

  • The mid-distance shoe’s angled spike plate causes discomfort to some wearers. 
  • According to one buyer, the track spike does not have enough security.

Bottom line

Built to dominate the race, the New Balance MD500 v7 features a new and improved multi-purpose traction and comfort. Because of such fashion, it is touted as the ideal running spike for athletes who handle multiple disciplines in track and field. Coming in at an affordable price, the MD500 v7 from New Balance is one that beats the competition.

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Good to know

Use - The New Balance MD500 v7 is a versatile track shoe. It can cover track and field meets that range from running to jumping. It is mainly designated for middle-distance races. However, it can also yield powerful performance in running events such as steeplechase, short hurdles, and long hurdles. It can also perform in leaping contests such as long jump.

Spike Type -  Best suited for the track surfaces, pyramid pins are equipped to the track spike. These spike pins are ¼ inch length for maximum grip. 

Spike Plate - Sporting a similar outsole composition to that of other track running spikes, it is outfitted with a Pebax® plate. It has a six-pin configuration intended for accommodating the removable pins of the shoe. This plate is also engineered for optimal traction.

  • The majority of the composition of the New Balance MD500 v7 mirrors the same technical elements from its predecessor. However, there has been one notable enhancement made to the middle-distance spike.
  • The addition of the REVlite midsole is the upgrade made to the track shoe. It is a component that has impact-resistant properties, protecting the foot from any injury.
  • Some notable components retained by the running spike are the open mesh upper and six-pin Pebax® plate. The upper material provides ventilation and a snug fit. The spike plate engineered into the outsole is intended for traction and sturdiness.

The New Balance MD500 v7 runs in men’s sizing scale and is in standard width. Women are advised to go 1.5 sizes down to acquire the precise size. 

The open mesh upper of the MD500 v7 allows for a lockdown, adaptive fit to the foot. For an adjustable fit, a lace-up closure is added to the platform. To further lockdown, seamless overlays are welded to the upper.

Just like the configuration of the famous Nike Zoom Victory Elite 2, the MD500 v7 is outfitted with a Pebax® plate. It has a six-pin configuration, housing the removal spikes of the track shoe. 

The plate is made out of thermoplastic polymer. This composition generates high-strength qualities, protecting the track running spike from abrasion. 

Because of the spike plate’s makeup, it yields an aggressive surface grip. It also softens the impact with each footstrike, protecting the foot from any strain or injury.

The New Balance MD500 v7’s midsole flaunts the brand’s innovative foam compound—REVlite. It maintains a durable and lightweight cushioning to the foot. Although 30% lighter than the standard midsole foams in the market, REVlite still offers the same responsiveness.

For the MD500 v7’s upper engineering, it sports an open mesh for ultra-light coverage and breathability. Its lightness makes it an ideal technical element for a middle-distance spike. The perforations it employs allow air to infiltrate the foot chamber. This poses for a healthy foot environment, disabling bacteria to flourish. 

The track spike also features a soft fabric lining for in-shoe comfort. For an irritation-free experience, no-sew overlays are bonded to the upper. These overlays are also integral in reinforcing the shoe’s structural integrity. 

For a dialed-in, secure fit, a traditional lacing system is implemented. This allows the wearer to alter the tightness and lockdown of the middle-distance shoe.


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