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5 reasons to buy

  • The New Balance MD800 v4 is very comfortable, commended quite a few athletes. 
  • Many of the runners appreciate the excellent grip of the mid-distance spike. 
  • According to some purchasers, the running shoe is featherlight. 
  • It maximizes stability, expressed quite a few racers. 
  • Various users state that the track spike enhanced their acceleration.

2 reasons not to buy

  • There are a number of reviewers claiming that the shoe does not have sufficient lockdown.
  • Quite a few wearers find the track and field spike too tight.

Bottom line

Touted as an aggressive middle-distance running spike, the New Balance MD800 v4 offers maximum support without sacrificing weight. The traction it supplies amplifies the surefootedness of the contender for pronounced propulsion. With the cushioning system engineered into the track shoe, comfort and protection are highlighted.

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Good to know

Use - The design of the New Balance MD800 v4 is specific to running meets. Similar to the Adidas Distancestar, it is suitable for mid-distance races, ranging from 800 meters to 3000 meters. 

Spike Type - Perfect for track rubber surfaces, changeable pyramid pins are attached to the track spike. These measure ¼ inch in length and are intended for lightweight, versatile surface traction. 

Spike Plate - To generate maximum grip and propulsion, a six-pin Pebax® plate is equipped to the running shoe. It is composed of high-strength materials, enabling optimal protection from abrasive track elements.

  • The noticeable refinement made to the MD800 v4 from New Balance is its redesigned upper. The mid-range running spike now features a sleek finish.
  • For the remainder of the track running shoe's configuration, the same componentry is exhibited. It still sports a Pebax® plate that presents the right amount of flexibility for unrestricted foot movements.
  • To provide ample airflow into the foot chamber, a mono mesh upper is integrated. It maintains a featherlight profile, cohering to the ultra-light fashion of the track shoe.

The New Balance MD800 v4 is created using the standard sizing width for both men and women. Thus, purchasers can opt to get a pair with their usual size preference. 

The fit of the running spike is affected by its cushioned sockliner, mono mesh upper, and laser-cut film overlays. The cushioned footbed promotes a supportive fit. The mono mesh wraps snugly around the foot for security. This is complemented by the laser-cut films bonded to the upper to push the foot into the midsole.

A Pebax® plate with a six-pin layout is equipped to the outsole of the New Balance MD800 v4. It is a polymer-based spike plate that hosts the changeable pins of the shoe for multi-surface traction. Its makeup solicits maximum traction for a stable performance. It also cushions the underfoot and provides shock-mitigating attributes. The same outsole component is present in the Nike Zoom Rival S 9.

For pronounced comfort within the platform, a cushioned footbed is placed in the midsole compartment. Aside from delivering luxurious comfort, it offers shock attenuation, preventing foot trauma during foot strike.

Incorporated into the upper construction of the New Balance MD800 v4 is a mono mesh upper. It has a foot-conforming property, allowing for an adaptive fit. It keeps down weight at an absolute minimum, adhering to the featherlight engineering of the middle-distance shoe. This prevents drag from occurring. Thus athletes can conserve their energy. Its perforations let in the air into the foot chamber for optimal breathability. 

For an improved fit and extended support, laser-cut films are welded into the upper. These films keep the foot in place, preventing unwanted shoe removal.


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