Stylishness and performance-ready design blend with the New Balance Fresh Foam Roav Tee Shirt. This offering from the well-known brand is similar to the original Fresh Foam Roav model, save for an upper that is made of synthetic textiles that closely mimic the structure of casual clothing.

Cushioning is given by the proprietary technology, Fresh Foam. This accoutrement is considered one of the reliable options for all-day comfort. Its curvature heightens the perception of natural movement and step-in security. Also, a rubber compound protects the bottom part of the foam from the potentially damaging nature of the surfaces.

Size and fit

The standard sizing measurements were used when the New Balance Fresh Foam Roav Tee Shirt was made. Runners are more than welcome to get a pair with their usual choices of size in mind. Still, it is important to understand that the in-shoe experience is different in actuality than when presented via product-page metrics. Testing this neutral running shoe personally or studying reviews that talk about the aspect of size can ease the concerns that may come when making a purchase decision.

The quality of the sideways fit is affected by the upper unit’s form-welcoming purpose, the presence of the stitched-on overlays, and the semi-curved shape of the underfoot platform. This product aims to accommodate the anatomical form of the human foot and give it the ability to move through the gait cycle with ease and haste.


Rubber is the material that is used for the outsole unit of the New Balance Fresh Foam Roav Tee Shirt. This compound is tasked with protecting the part of the Fresh Foam midsole that is closest to the ground, shielding it from the damaging effects of surface contact and consistent use. 'Grip' is a trait that afforded by this accoutrement as it has a sticky nature that helps the shoe in adhering to the ground.

Hexagonal traction patterns aim to heighten the traction over the ground. The spaces that are between these shapes are for the flexibility of the platform.


Underfoot cushioning is the responsibility of the Fresh Foam technology, an in-house feature that runs the whole length of the New Balance Fresh Foam Roav Tee Shirt. The job of this midsole implement is to become a lightweight support system that the runner can trust throughout the running session. The lightweight and flexible configuration of the foam helps to encourage natural gait progression. Also, it has a springy nature to enable energized takeoffs. Fresh Foam is featured in many New Balance options, including the well-received Fresh Foam Arishi line.

An insole that has a fabric top is placed right above the main cushioning unit. The job of this additional thin piece of foam is to separate the foot from the lasting process that serves to connect the upper to the platform. It has a soft and flexible structure to maintain comfort at all times. It can even be removed or replaced with a new one if the wearer wants to do so.


The upper unit of the New Balance Fresh Foam Roav Tee Shirt is made of synthetic mesh. This lattice of sturdy material offers security and wobble-prevention. The multilayered approach to the execution prevents tearing, though tiny breathing holes accommodate environmental air into the internal compartment.

Ultra Heel is the name of the collar design of this product. A heather-mesh rear with a pattern of tessellations offers heel security and prevention of irritation.

The midfoot section features fabric panels that are stitched onto the primary textile. These panels serve as the reinforcements of the upper unit. The ends of each panel have loops through which the shoelaces go. Adjusting the tightness or looseness of the fit would effectively cause the panels to go along with the act, thus giving the upper the capacity to follow the fit preferences of the wearer.

This running shoe doesn’t have a traditionally separate tongue unit. The one-piece design aims to prevent material bunching and hot spots while also ensuring that the whole upper advocates a consistent coverage of the foot. A protruding bridge still provides some cushioning for the topmost part of the foot.

The areas of the vamp where the forefoot flexion can cause tears have been reinforced with stitched-on overlays. Added protection can better the longevity of the product.

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 283g / Women 255g
Drop: 8mm
Base model: New Balance Fresh Foam Roav
Collection: New Balance Fresh Foam, New Balance Fresh Foam Roav
Use: Walking, All-day wear / Jogging / Treadmill
Material: Mesh upper

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