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9 reasons to buy

  • Most reviews of the New Balance COMPv1 baseball shoe say that the pair has a comfortable fit. 
  • This New Balance shoe is light according to several shoppers. 
  • Some players were highly appreciative of the cleat’s overall look. 
  • Various users say that the shoe’s fit is great. 
  • One disclosed that the traction and grip of this shoe are excellent. 
  • Another says that the shoe is easy to put on even for wide-footed players. 
  • Fit personalization is made possible for this shoe through a central lacing system.  
  • A couple of users shared that the pair has decent stability. 
  • A few say that while the shoe has a snug fit, it does not constrict the foot and gives it room to breathe.  

3 reasons not to buy

  • There have been mixed reviews about the shoe’s durability. While some say that the cleat is durable, several also pointed out that their pair did not last several seasons. 
  • One concluded that the pair is not worth its price. 
  • The shoe has a high price.

Bottom line

The New Balance COMPv1 baseball cleat has proven that innovation never stops. Zeroing in on the market demand, the brand has created a hybrid stud that delivers traction and grip while delivering a lightweight feel. Not stopping there, the majority found that comfort is a priority for this cleat, as well.

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Good to know

New Balance’s answer to the growing foot health concern of players in the diamond is the New Balance COMPv1 baseball cleat. With the higher demand for molded cleats in turf courts, this model has been dubbed as the cleat ‘made for groundbreakers.’ 

The upper has been infused with NB’s FantomFit technology and single-bootie construction. This combination drives a durable, breathable, and a lightweight sensation. To enhance durability, TPU elements are also strategically placed across the upper, especially in high-wear areas. 

A central lacing system has been integrated into the shoe’s construction to give way to a more personalized fit. 

Revlite cushioning ensures a lightweight and durable feel without compromising the comfort and cushioning of the shoe. 

The plate of the COMPv1 baseball shoe carries hybrid studs that have been designed in response to a higher demand for molded cleats in turf courts. Making use of glass fiber and TPU, this innovation delivers a lightweight feel while creating driving performance comparable to metallic cleats. A total of nine hybrid studs have been integrated into the plate with five found at the forefoot and four at the heel area.

The pair has a built-in central lacing system which allows for fit customization. This is lumped together in the tongue area.

FantomFit technology has been used in the upper construction of the New Balance COMPv1 baseball shoe. The material is created with a synthetic which involves a no-sew process during its creation. As the name suggests, the element has been designed to be so lightweight that one can barely feel the material’s presence. Other New Balance models that feature this upper includes the New Balance 1080v3. 

Throughout the upper, strategically placed TPU can be found. This design has been placed explicitly in high-wear areas, amping up the cleat’s durability. 

Revlite technology serves as the pair’s cushioning system. The material has been designed to create a lightweight feel while driving flexibility. Maintaining responsiveness, this element brings the responsiveness and durability comparable to that of a foam-based material that is 30% heavier. This setup affords the wearer a lightweight feel. 

The innovation didn’t stop in the upper area as the brand pushed the envelope in terms of the plate construction. Instead of the usual TPU material, a hybrid stud made out of glass fiber and make has been integrated into the shoe’s design. The resulting feel is comparable to that of molded cleats, but the performance is at par with metal spikes.

The stud configuration includes a total of nine studs. Five have been placed in the forefoot area and four in the heel.

New Balance COMPv1 ‘Francisco Lindor Blackout’ customs 

As with the name, the New Balance brand has created a blackout custom model for Francisco Lindor, the well-known Puerto Rican shortstop. The cleat is drenched in black with elements colored in white to stand out. Specks of white are also incorporated into the plate as well as the heel area to elevate the overall look. Printed at the back of the shoe are the words, ‘BE CONSISTENT’ parallel to the NB logo. 

The New Balance COMPv1 baseball shoe is available in several colorways including: 

  • Black/White/ Red 
  • Blue/White /Red 
  • Grey/White/ Red 
  • Red/White 
  • White/ Black/Red 
  • Navy 

  • A junior version of the COMPv1 baseball shoe has been made available by New Balance. 
  • This NB shoe weighs 11.8 oz (335 grams).

How COMPv1 compares

This shoe: 75
All shoes average: 79
43 94
This shoe: £130
All shoes average: £80
£40 £130
This shoe: 335g
All shoes average: 349g
249g 468g