Who should buy the New Balance Coco CG1

This unique tennis shoe from New Balance will level up your game if you are after the following:

  • a high-performance tennis shoe for advanced players
  • a shoe that helps you run faster and jump higher
  • a versatile trainer that can even do court sports like basketball (indoor and outdoor), volleyball
  • stylish footwear that can be rocked on and off the court

Who should not buy the shoe

The NB Coco CG1 might be overkill for beginner-to-intermediate players who are not ready to shell out on a high-grade shoe. Instead, New Balance has very solid options in a more moderately-priced range such as the FuelCell 996 v4 (same cushioning component) and the Fresh Foam Lav.

Well-judged fit of the Coco CG1

The majority of reviewers had no issues with the fit and sizing of the Coco CG1. People with wider feet were also happy that the shoe comes in a Wide option too.

Lockdown is legit

A lot of players reported feeling secure inside the CG1 and that it offers a “tremendous lockdown.” This is all thanks to the heavily layered upper, a multi-level lacing system, and a giant elastic midfoot strap that “makes it like a nice snug 1-1 fit,” as one reviewer says.

In addition, the shoe has a mid-top collar which is very unusual for tennis shoes. However, it’s been helpful in giving extra ankle support.

It also comes with an alternative pair of laces so that you can choose between round and flat laces.

Super bouncy cushioning with a “diving board effect”

New Balance uses its range-topping FuelCell foam as the primary cushioning component of the Coco CG1. Players adore its soft yet springy nature. In addition, this is the first ever tennis shoe to adopt a carbon plate that’s used in elite marathon running shoes.

The result is a massively increased energy return. As one expert puts it, the CG1 “just rocketed past most tennis shoes” in his jump height test. Others couldn’t stop raving about how the shoe made them much quicker on the court.

Stability is another strong point of the CG1

Having supportive sidewalls and extra collar height, this New Balance shoe doesn’t compromise side-to-side stability either.

Players with flat feet and overpronation took note of how the shoe helped their feet stay more aligned.

Yes, this shoe is also light! 

“Much lighter than my Nike Vapor Federer shoes,” notes a reviewer. Another one is just as surprised: “a lot lighter than I thought they were gonna be.” Despite having a mid-top and seemingly heavyset profile, the shoe is reported to have the nimbleness of a low-top speed-oriented shoe.

Players love how it helps them get from the baseline to the net easily.

New Balance Coco CG1 is mighty durable

Experienced tennis players give high marks to the sturdiness of the CG1. Firstly, its toe guard is deemed indestructible no matter how much of a toe dragger you are.

Secondly, the outsole rubber shows impressive resistance to abrasion. One of the reviewers drilled it with sandpaper and discovered that there was less than 1 mm of damage to the rubber. For reference, most shoes get around 1-2 mm of damage.

Toothy traction

The New Balance Coco CG1 is a real grip monster too! “The confidence that this shoe gives you around the corners is just unmatched,” claims a reviewer after putting the shoe through a shuttle test.

At the same time, the difference in rubber softness throughout the outsole allows you to slide and stop on a dime whenever you need it, losing no time on turns.

What's more, some players noticed that the CG1 even beats some of the basketball shoes on outdoor courts, traction-wise.

It’s a bit stuffy though

“But they don't breathe at all!” complains a wearer. Because of the extra heft in the upper, the foot tends to get more sweaty in the CG1 compared to mesh-based shoes. 

Style hits the perfect note

“These will be classics,” states one of the many reviewers who absolutely adore the style aspect of the New Balance Coco CG1. NB really pushed the envelope by designing this tennis shoe.

The shoe draws inspiration from basketball shoes and the ‘90s vibe, which is reflected in its fun color blocking and multi-textured upper.

Some people even hesitate to play in the shoe because of how good it looks. “I'm sure someone would try to steal them off my feet,” shares a reviewer.

As a signature shoe, the Coco CG1 is hiding a ton of Easter eggs, including:

  • a moto on the toe bumper stating “You can change the world with your racket”
  • a callout to Coco's brother’s name “Cameron” on the metal lace ends
  • a lace jewel detail on one of the eyelets, etc.

Facts / Specs

Shoe Type: Hard Court
Collaboration: Coco Gauff
Features: Lightweight
Construction: Speed
Material: Synthetic/Textile
BRAND Brand: New Balance

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