Profile of the New Balance 574 Greens

Who is it for? The 574 Greens is made for people who are looking for stylish and performing footwear. 

What is it good for? The spikeless construction makes it ideally an everyday pair that takes one from golf to any occasion. 

The synthetic leather brings in different advantages, including being lightweight and durable. Moreover, the fact that it doesn’t use animal hide is a plus point for those that desire to be eco-friendly. 

The waterproof protection makes it an all-conditions gear. Golfers can have peace of mind that the interior is kept dry whatever the weather or course hazard they may encounter.

New Balance 574 Greens vs. New Balance 574

The iconic New Balance 574 indeed has come a long way since it was released in 1988. Though it took some break in the market, the re-release in 2003 proved that it is here to stay. In fact, the silhouette has been one of the most iconic ones from the American brand and has been labeled as the classic guy’s running shoes. 

Starting as a running shoe, this low-top runner gets a series of makeovers and has been interpreted in various ways. The look of the Greens is a far cry from the original. It bears a similar look to a skater rather than the traditional runner. The original also makes use of suede, giving it a plush and velvety look. This material, however, can be tricky to carry with golf shoes because of the constant exposure to moisture. For that reason, NB exchanges the upper with microfiber leather for the functionality, which gives a different look as well. 


Rugged bottom. Arranged at the bottom of the New Balance 574 Greens is a spikeless outsole. It sports a pattern that brings traction to the course. Moreover, because of the low-profile design, it subtly disguises the studs that it becomes suitable for off-the-turf wear. 

High endurance outsole. It is also placed with NDurance, a technology made of a rubber compound. While it is seen on other New Balance sports shoes, it works well with the outdoor sport because of the high durability that it gives even on aggressive wear.


Comfortable cushioning system. All-day comfort is what the American brand promises, and from this item, it was delivered. The secret to it lies on the EVA midsole. Used widely on different types of footwear like running and basketball, this type of cushioning comes beneficial for golf players because of the stability, comfort, and support it provides.


Blend of leather. The material that is wrapping the NB 574 Greens is a mix of microfiber and faux leather. Aside from being environmentally-friendly, this human-made product mimics the look of a full-grain leather without being heavyweight. 

Strategic design. To address the issue of lacking breathability, the toe box is perforated to embrace coolness on the interior. It is also equipped with waterproofing elements and a 2-year warranty to guarantee moisture management.

New Balance 574 Greens Style

By paper, the New Balance 574 Greens carries a history that has been relevant since 1988. The golf-reiteration of the 574 adapted a refined look that keeps up with the stern image of the golfing community. 

Contrastingly, this shoe blends the casual and polished in one stylish package. The detailings easily stand out because of the monochromatic upper. The N on the sides, along with the small NB on the tongue, are the only brand identifiers. 

The low-top construction not only gives flexibility on the ankles but additional versatility in styling the shoe. Having subtle spikes, golfers can easily disguise this as a regular sneaker and pair items as they would on everyday events.


The current trend of New Balance 574 Greens.
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