Who should buy the New Balance 300 Court

If you are looking for a stylish sneaker that will do your feet right during long walks in the summertime, then these are for you. You might also want to consider getting these if you are on a tight budget and are looking for something you can dress up or down. Finally, the NB 300 Court is great for those who like their sneakers snug, regardless if they are wide-footed or not. 

New Balance 300 Court new-balance-300-court-LACES

Who should not buy the New Balance 300 Court

Those who hate dealing with collars that rub on the Achilles should stay away from these sneakers and instead consider buying the New Balance CT302. Those offer the same retro feel and comfort you get from the 300 Courts, minus the problems. If it is the tongue that turns you off, then the New Balance 440 is an excellent alternative.

New Balance 300 Court new-balance-300-court-heelsole

Definitely a HEAD turner

The New Balance 300 Court is a shoe that has a retro look loved by a lot of sneakerheads. This shoe has been described to be “smart looking”, “classic”, “vintage”, and something that brings about an “awesome, nostalgic look.” Regardless of what vibes this sneaker gives you, wearing this will most likely result in you having the same experience as one fan who received a lot of compliments wearing their own pair. 

New Balance 300 Court new-balance-300-court-logo

The NB 300 Court will let your feet breathe

Lightweight and breathable are two of the most common adjectives used by sneakerheads to describe the New Balance 300 Courts. This does not come as a shock, since outside of the suede and leather panels, this is essentially a mesh sneaker. Those characteristics, according to one fan, make this model “great for summer.” 

New Balance 300 Court new-balance-300-court-meshupper2

Not a lot of cushion but very comfortable nonetheless

The New Balance 300 Courts may have thin, removable insoles, but those do not take away from the shoe’s ability to provide comfort to its wearers. A lot of sneakerheads have expressed pleasure in how these sneakers feel on foot, and one fan described the experience of wearing these as being “flat to the ground without being ‘barefoot.’” If that is not enough testament to how nice this sneaker's cushioning is, the NB 300 Courts have also been labeled as “the ideal walking shoes” by someone who walks 15,000 steps a day. 

No need to break in the 300 Court

According to several sneakerheads, the New Balance 300 Courts feel good on foot right off the bat. Here are some of their comments: 

  • “One day in and we're good.”
  • “Wore all day out for the first time… they were still so comfy at the end of the day.”
  • “From the first wear, these sneakers have been great.”

The NB 300 Courts offer some arch support

Another thing noticed by those who have a pair of the NB 300 Court is the arch support it offers. According to one sneakerhead, “there is a little bit” but it is not like what you will find in “a full-blown athletic shoe.” If you expect and need your kicks to have a lot of arch support, these might not be for you… but if that is not the case, then this is definitely a plus!

New Balance 300 Court new-balance-300-court-arch2

Fits just right

According to those who have a pair of the 300 Court, this sneaker runs true to size. “They fit nicely, very snug,” said one sneakerhead. On top of that, this model is also reported to be good for those who have wide feet, even at standard width. 

The Court’s heels might rub you the wrong way

An issue pointed out by some of those who have had the chance to lace up a New Balance 300 Court is how the back of the shoe affects the ride. “The heel digs into my Achilles tendon if I wear no-show socks,” said one fan. Now that is something to keep in mind when planning to buy a pair! 

New Balance 300 Court new-balance-300-court-heelcollar

Virtually no ankle support

 “If you are looking for ankle support, this shoe doesn't really offer that,” said one fan, due to the fact they are “really low cut around the ankles.”

The exposed tongue of the 300 Court is not for everyone

The foam on this New Balance pair is exposed, and this has caused some sneakerheads to change their minds about the 300 Court. Here are some of the complaints on the tongue: 

  • “It makes it look cheaply constructed. Very disappointed.”
  • “The unfinished tongue ruins the total look in my opinion” 
  • “It looks like a plain piece of sponge.”

New Balance 300 Court new-balance-300-court-tongue

Facts / Specs

Base model: New Balance 300
Style: Retro
Top: Low
Inspired from: Tennis
Closure: Laces
Material: Mesh, Suede, Rubber Sole, Leather / Fabric
Season: Summer, Spring

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