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A refreshing twist to the Jefferson, these sneakers come in several stripes detailing while keeping all of their features intact. Despite its simple silhouette, many can enjoy its versatility not only in style but in function as well. Priced at $50, users can already avail of shoes that can hold up to various activities and weather.


  • Perfect for summer
  • Matches almost all outfit
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable upper
  • Casual yet dressy vibe
  • Adapts to extreme weather conditions
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Can be worn with or without socks
  • Functional


  • Thin soles
  • Sole is not durable

Who should buy the Native Jefferson Block

This simple Native Jefferson Block could be a great match for you if:

  • You are into sneakers that are breathable making them not only suitable for the summer but also adapt to extreme weather conditions.
  • You are looking for a shoe that has an easy on-and-off feature similar to a sandal, only with more protection.

Native Jefferson Block Logo

Size and fit

Native, since its conception, lived through its mantra of producing reliable shoes for enjoyable wanderings. In support of that, easy-to-slip-on designs seem to be a must on most of its designs, including the Jefferson Block. The upper material creates a soft canvas that cushions and protects the feet.

Native Jefferson Block Upper

Coming in a wide variety of sizes, each can avail of a pair to suit them. Men can choose from 3-13 and women from 5-12.

Native Jefferson Block Perforations

Style of the Native Jefferson Block

Apprehensive at first in using injection-molded EVA uppers because of its restrictions, Native pushed through and eventually made it one of its signatures.

Native Jefferson Block Midsole

Having Jefferson's low-top and sneaker-like profile, the Block version sports strategically-placed stripes which add a certain quirk to the whole vibe of the shoe. Pairing it with a simple and summer-ready outfit will certainly highlight the design of the shoe.

Native Jefferson Block Collar

Notable Features

Despite its simple and straightforward design, the Native Jefferson Block does not sacrifice its features like comfort, shock absorbency, odor resistance, and easy maintenance. The perforations all around increase its breathability, making it appropriate footwear for wet and hot conditions.

Native Jefferson Block Insole

History of the Native Jefferson Block

In 2007, coming home from a snowboarding trip, Canadian Damien Van Zyll de Jong mentioned his plan to putting up a footwear company. Although it may seem like an impetuous decision as he has no background in the industry, Damien proved that his dream could be made into reality.

Native Jefferson Block Outsole

The United States and Japan were two of the most reputable countries when it comes to footwear quality. Damien, however, took a surprising turn to China to know more about the manufacturing process.

Native Jefferson Block Collar 2

With his love for sneakers as the foundation for the business, he set his eye on building a company that is non-conventional but mass-produced. In 2009, after two years of carefully building the brand, Native sneakers were launched.

Native Jefferson Block Toe area

Additional Info

  • The Native Jefferson Block, like all footwear from the brand, is constructed without any animal hair or hide used.