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7 reasons to buy

  • A majority of the reviewers commend the underfoot cushioning on the Wave Supersonic as it is comfortable to use for games, walking, and even working out.
  • Many volleyball players feel stable wearing this trainer because of the ankle support if offers.
  • The fit is snug yet roomy at the forefoot, states a lot of owners.
  • Multiple consumers claim that they have gotten great value from the purchase of this Mizuno volleyball shoe.
  • More than a few wearers are satisfied with the arch support on this footgear.
  • The lightness of the footwear has delighted several folks.
  • Some people laud the grip of the outsole on wooden courts.

2 reasons not to buy

  • The durability of the Wave Supersonic has dismayed some users because the mesh and the eyelets have ripped after a few weeks of use.
  • The trainer is initially stiff and needs to be broken in to prevent foot pains, a commenter has mentioned.

Bottom line

The Wave Supersonic is styled after Mizuno running shoes. You can expect the same impact-absorption features but with enhanced lateral stability to support dynamic movements. Also, your feet are kept comfortable by its lightweight and breathable construction. In hindsight, these features make it appealing to consumers.

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Good to know

The Wave Supersonic delivers cushioning with added lateral stability. It sports a low-top silhouette with a padded collar that brings ankle support to wearers. Its top is made of breathable materials so heat and sweat won’t stop you from going hard on the court.

Traction. A gum rubber outsole lines the underside of the Wave Supersonic. This compound is soft, which allows it to adhere to smooth surfaces. However, it is also not as durable as other types of rubber because of its soft nature. It is non-marking, so black, ugly streaks on court floors will not be a problem.

Movement. Flex grooves riddle the forefoot of the outsole, which helps with the forward motion of the foot. There is also the Dynamotion Groove that runs in the middle, which aids in the smooth heel-to-toe transition as well as lateral moves without distorting the form of the outsole.

Comfort. The Mizuno Wave Supersonic uses the Intercool innovation. It is a ventilation system that uses ports connecting the midsole to the outsole, allowing air to pass through. It helps regulate temperature and humidity inside the foot chamber. A removable foam insert delivers maximum underfoot coverage and prevents foot slippage.

Stability. This model also features the Parallel Wave Plate technology in the midsole. This innovation enhances the lateral stability of the foot. It also evenly disperses shock, thereby preventing pressure points.

Breathability. The upper of the Wave Supersonic is crafted from a mesh fabric. This material facilitates heat dissipation to keep the interior fresh. The soft cloth covering the inside of the shoe also aids in moisture management to prevent the foot from getting too sweaty and hot.

Lockdown. Synthetic overlays are used to reinforce the toe box to protect the area against painful bumps. The material also creates a panel on either side of the midfoot and around the heel to amplify side-to-side support and hindfoot lockdown. Its overlays integrate with the lacing system, so tightening the shoestrings results in heightened lateral support.

Fit. The forefoot has been designed to have adequate room for a toe-splay. As for the heel, it remains snug with the helo of the plush collar and tongue.

  • The first Mizuno volleyball shoe was released in 2003. The trainer was called Wave Lightning and has seen several iterations over the years. One of the most popular models today is the Wave Lightning Z4.

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