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Sneak your way up into position using the Wave Stealth 5. It features a grippy rubber that gives users the ability to move quickly across the floor without any hassle. This pair of Mizuno volleyball trainers uses various technologies for the midsole to deliver cushioning and steadiness at the same time. The top is constructed using light materials that seamlessly move with the foot.

Compared to the Wave Stealth 4, this iteration features a toned-down design. The 4th version used graphic arts on the top, whereas the Wave Stealth 5 has a very clean facade. In terms of technologies, they are equipped with the same type of outsole and midsole components and similar top construction.

If you appreciate the sleek design of the Wave Stealth 5 but want every step to be bouncier, check out the Adidas CrazyFlight Bounce 3. It uses a gum rubber sole for traction on smooth floors. The upper is made of breathable mesh, promoting comfort and movement. As for the midsole, it uses the brand’s Bounce technology, which is engineered to be springy on each foot landing.

The X10 rubber lines the underside of the Wave Stealth 5. This compound is durable, but is soft like gum rubber, aiding in its traction on indoor court floors. It is non-marking, so you won’t have to worry about leaving ugly streaks on the floor.

This volleyball shoe features a combination of circular lugs and lines for multi-directional grip and flexibility. There’s also a pivot point under the ball of the foot. The smooth surface in this area reduces adherence to the floor, making twists and turns less stressful on the knees.

Another feature used on the outsole is the Dynamotion Groove. This type of construction uses strategically placed furrows to aid in natural foot movements, and at the same time, enhances the outsole.

Sitting on top of the outsole, at the heel section, is the Wave Plate. This corrugated plastic sheet evenly distributes shock to protect the lower extremities against the impact. It also serves to brace the area under the arch, preventing excessive twisting and promoting steadiness.

Above the Wave Plate is the AP+ midsole. It is a lightweight foam that has been engineered to be durable to retain its fresh-out-of-the-box level of comfort.

For the bounce, the SR Touch layer helps with that. It converts the impact into energy for take-off, so each step is energized.

There is also the Intercool layer, serving as a ventilation system. It has pores that help with moisture and temperature control. They connect to an opening on the outsole, which allows fresh air to pass through and heat to leave.

Another shock attenuating layer is the U4icX. It serves as a Strobel board, where the upper is stitch into. This sheet is a bit rigid and amplifies comfort and underfoot support.

Inside the shoe, you’ll find a removable insole. This full-length material provides maximum comfort to the wearer. And because it is removable, it can be replaced with custom orthotics.

The top of the Wave Stealth 5 is forged using the Dynamotion Fit construction. It utilizes flexible eyelets partnered with stretchy mesh. The combination results in a secure and comfortable fit.

The upper is made up of two layers of mesh. It keeps the fit snug and the boasts of improved breathability because of the open-cell construction.

A traditional lacing system embellishes the midfoot. The structure allows wearers to customize the fit according to their preferences. The plush material used on the collar and the tongue aids in keeping the fit snug.

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