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The Wave Momentum Mid is designed for players in search of comfort and stability in their pair of volleyball shoes. Its mid-cut style aims to provide ankle support without the use of athletic ankle braces. It also has breathability features that keep you cool no matter how intense the game gets.

Mizuno recommends this model to middle blockers and outside hitters. Both positions are more likely to run and jump to defend or block, thus, needing more underfoot cushioning to soften landings.

If the mid-top version isn’t your style, but love all the features of this trainer, the Mizuno Wave Momentum will be suitable for your needs. It uses the same outsole and midsole technologies that allow wearers to move quickly on the court. The only difference from the Wave Momentum Mid is the low-top upper. It gives users more freedom of movement, allowing the ankles to become stronger without the need for ankle support.

Traction. The XG Rubber lines the bottom of this volleyball shoe from Mizuno. This compound is engineered to be durable and provide a strong grip on indoor court floors.

The type of rubber used in this model is also non-marking. This means that it won’t leave any marks on indoor courts.

Movement. Pivot points are strategically placed under the ball and the heel sections. They help the wearer change directions quickly without losing balance.

Bounce. The primary cushioning of the Wave Momentum Mid is the U4icX. This foam technology is crafted to be lighter compared to typical foams. It also has a high energy return which makes it bouncier, so landings are softer on the knees.

Stability. The Mizuno Wave element is also used on this model. It enhances shock attenuation. Its unique shape also allows it to stabilize the foot during quick movements.

Freshness. Another uncommon feature used in this Mizuno volleyball trainer is the Intercool. It is a full-length aeration system that connects to vents on the outsole. The channels aid in temperature and moisture control as heat dissipates while cool air comes in.

Comfort. Mizuno’s Removable Insock lines the footbed of this footwear. It prevents the foot from sliding inside while also amplifying comfort. It can be replaced with custom orthotics if needed. It can also be removed if the wearer needs more room to accommodate the use of ankle support.

Coverage. The Mizuno Wave Momentum Mid employs the DynamotionFit bootie top. This mid-top silhouette provides more ankle coverage and support than low-top volleyball shoes.

Protection. Synthetic overlays reinforce various parts of the upper. They protect the underlying fabric against abrasion, and also helps the top retain its shape.

In front, the DuraShield bumper can be found. This rubber component protects the toes from bumps and lessens the impact when you get accidentally stepped on.

Breathability. AIRmesh makes up the upper of this footwear. This fabric ensures air can flow inside the foot chamber. There are also openings on the quarter that facilitate aeration.

Lockdown. Aside from the bootie construction that provides a sock-like fit, this model uses a traditional lacing system. The laces can be tightened to improve the fit.

Not everyone wants a mid-top volleyball shoe as wearing one could feel like ankle movement is being restricted. A good alternative is the Asics Gel Tactic 2. Despite its low-top construction, users are impressed with the lateral support they got from wearing this trainer. It uses EVA foam for shock absorption while the Gel component provides targeted impact protection.

Like the Wave Momentum Mid, it uses a full-length rubber compound for traction. However, the Gel Tactic 2 uses the Trusstic System. It is a rigid plastic that prevents the excessive twisting of the footwear to keep the foot stable.

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