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6 reasons to buy

  • An expert reviewer revealed that the Mizuno Rebula V1 MIJ FG soccer cleat provides a snug comfortable fit through its kangaroo leather upper.
  • Another user revealed that the k-leather upper used in the soccer cleat’s construction is extremely soft and molds to the shape of the player’s foot.
  • Additionally, another tester shared that due to the upper’s thin composition, it brings an excellent ball touch as well as a lightweight feel on the pitch.
  • A tester shared that the heel area of the Mizuno Rebula V1 Made in Japan FG has a great grip
  • Some reviewers think that the shoe provides a good amount of support.

2 reasons not to buy

  • The Mizuno Rebula V1 MIJ Firm Ground soccer cleat belongs to an expensive price range.
  • One expert reviewer revealed that the upper material of this soccer cleat tends to overstretch over time.

Bottom line

Quality has been the highlight of the Mizuno Rebula V1 Made in Japan FG soccer cleat. It owes its excellent reputation to its kangaroo leather upper which brings an excellent fit, ball control and comfort. Solid support on the model’s heel area was also noticed by an expert review. With a lot to offer, a hefty price goes hand in hand with this Mizuno soccer cleat. Overall, for players that don’t mind spending a few extra greens for ensured comfort, quality, and durability, this soccer cleat will not disappoint.

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Expert reviews:

  • Created to replace the Wave Ignitus series, the Mizuno Rebula V1 MIJ Firm Ground soccer cleat amped up their game in terms of construction and cleat technologies.
  • Sporting a kangaroo leather upper, this soccer cleat is highly regarded for its quality. The natural leather material not only brings an outstanding fit, it also aims to deliver unparalleled touch. Over time, the k-leather adjusts to the contours of the foot naturally.
  • The Controlframe technology has also been integrated into the upper acting as the shoe’s skeleton. It brings structure to the shoe without compromising comfort. Hand in hand with this innovative feature is the lacing system installed in the midfoot as it aids in keeping the fit more personalized.
  • While there are two centers that manufacture this soccer cleat, namely Japan and Indonesia, there are minimal differences in their upper’s construction. With this Japanese version, the construction is handcrafted to every detail. Soccerers are assured of the highest quality control through its rigorous and demanding manufacturing process. The Indonesian version, on other hand, is processed with the mix of machinery and craft.
  • The outsole of the Mizuno Rebula V1 MIJ Firm Ground brings pivotal traction in firm ground courts. Created out of a Polyurethane (PU) material, the soleplate consists of conical and elongated studs engineered for adapting in sudden movements particularly for sharp turns.
  • D-Flex grooves are also used in the shoe’s construction which allows for maximum grip and speedy transitions on the field. This feature includes grooves that have been placed in the midfoot area that aid the player’s foot movement especially when making turns.

Widely praised for its superb fit, the k- leather upper of this soccer cleat wraps around the player’s foot and gradually molds to its shape, creating an individualized fit. It is available in men’s standard sizes ranging from 8.5 to 13. An off-centered lacing system allows for a more secure fit and cleaner strike zones. The lacing system used is quite different from the traditional ones found in the Adidas Mundial Goal and Adidas Samba Classic; these models place their laces at the center of the shoe.

Created out of Polyurethane (PU) and Nylon material, the outsole of the Mizuno Rebula V1 Made in Japan FG is designed to withstand the test of time and traction on firm ground courts. The soleplate has a total of eleven conical studs which in/cludes four in the heel area and seven in the forefoot. A few elongated studs are installed along with the conical studs in forefoot area to even out soleplate weight distribution.

For effective transitions on the pitch, the brand’s D-Flex Groove technology is incorporated into the shoe’s construction. Featuring slanted grooves across the midfoot area, this element maximizes agility as well as power on the pitch. This is done by efficient transference of bodily movements and changes in direction.

The upper of the Rebula V1 MIJ FG speaks of quality and craftsmanship through its premium kangaroo leather. The fit brought about this natural leather type is highly sought out as it brings a personalized fit. It conforms to the shape of the player’s foot as it stretches over time. A good ball touch also results from its thin and flexible characteristic. Its lightweight quality also contributes to faster transitions on the pitch.

Two versions of this shoe are made available by Mizuno, namely the Indonesian and Made in Japan FG cleats. While both variations have a similar upper leather type, the Japanese version is handcrafted up to 24 hours per shoe.

A Controlframe technology has been integrated into the upper’s construction. Acting as a skeleton to the shoe, this technology brings structure to the shoe while aiding ball control. A lacing system which is positioned towards the lateral side of the cleat also enables the player to tweak the fit in accordance with their needs.

  • The Mizuno Rebula V1 MIJ Firm Ground soccer cleat is available in the Black, Silver and Diva Blue colorway.
  • Insole foam inserts for this soccer cleat are topped with a Velcro-like material which grips the player’s foot, avoiding slippage.
  • This soccer cleat weighs 244 grams.

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