Who should buy the Mizuno Morelia Neo 3

The Mizuno Morelia Neo 3 is perfect for players who are quite flexible in the way they play. This cleat has the key characteristics of both a speed cleat and a control cleat.

Aside from that, lovers of kangaroo leather will also be happy with this cleat. Though this is made of synthetic leather, the material is soft and has a one-to-one fit. It pretty much mimics how natural kangaroo leather feels.

Who should NOT buy the Mizuno Morelia Neo 3

Soccer players who fit the following descriptions can pass on this one:

The Mizuno Morelia Neo 3 boasts an improved grip on the firm ground

Soccer players report that the grip is much better here than in the Neo 2; the traction is said to be better than a regular speed cleat. When compared to the Mizuno Morelia Neo 2, the stud placement and orientation used on the Neo 3 are noticeably improved. Hence, the current model is better able to dig into the ground. Also, it is better able to provide much-needed stability on the pitch.

On top of all that, the Mizuno Morelia Neo 3's soleplate is reinforced to make them more resistant to abrasion. This soccer is made to last long.

The foot feels like it's being cradled

The synthetic leather upper with a knitted collar feels soft, and it wraps around the foot quite comfortably. This soccer cleat's hefty price tag seems justified because of this.

The Morelia Neo 3 offers an enhanced fit

Unlike the Beta version of the Morelia Neo 3, this model has a true tongue. While the synthetic leather that makes up the upper still provides a snug fit, the movable tongue provides opportunities for size adjustments whenever necessary.

Dual-purpose touch, anyone?

The touch is perhaps where things get extra interesting for the Mizuno Morelia Neo 3. The upper leather is thin enough to keep the shoe light and provide a barefoot touch, making it a qualified speed cleat. Yet, it also has a sufficient amount of padding, giving it the essence of a control cleat. This extra padding gives the wearer the security and confidence to do different types of ball maneuvers.

When they say that the Mizuno Morelia Neo 3 is light, they mean it!

At only around 7 oz (200 g), this shoe is indeed lighter than average, which stands at around 8 oz (227 g).

This Mizuno soccer cleat sports an elegantly streamlined look

Many soccer players are happy with the clean look of the Mizuno Morelia Neo 3. Aside from being stylish, this shoe also stands as a good example of the meticulousness of Japanese craftsmanship. You won't see excess adhesive or out-of-place stitches. Every pair is proof that good quality assurance mechanisms are in place.

However, it must be noted that Mizuno has never been big when it comes to upgrading, and it shows here. When put side-by-side with the Neo 2, the Morelia Neo 3 doesn't look significantly changed at all.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 200g
Top: Low
Surface: Multi Ground
Collection: Mizuno Morelia
Lacing System: Laced
BRAND Brand: Mizuno
Release date: Jan 2020

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Akshay Kumar Malhotra
Akshay Kumar Malhotra

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