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7 reasons to buy

  • The Mizuno Morelia Neo 2 Fernando Torres MIJ soccer cleat has a snug fit, says a reviewer.  
  • A reviewer says that this Mizuno model delivers excellent foot lockdown. 
  • The insole of the pair has a grippy texture that keeps the foot from slipping. 
  • A handful of users appreciate the overall look of this soccer cleat
  • The ultra-thin kangaroo leather upper provides a lightweight, and barefoot feel says a couple of reviewers. 
  • Aggressive traction is brought about by the white soccer shoe’s stud configuration states a shoe enthusiast. 
  • Another shopper likes the durability of this Mizuno firm ground soccer cleat

2 reasons not to buy

  • A reviewer says that he is not a fan of the boot’s laces as it absorbs water and gets dirty quickly. 
  • A commenter says that the fit in the midfoot is a tad tight for him.

Bottom line

The Mizuno Morelia Neo 2 Fernando Torres MIJ soccer cleat is as premium as it can get. No expense has been spared when they created the pair, from the upper’s fit to the traction delivered by the soleplate, the bar set high. For players looking to experience luxury on the pitch, this is the go-to pair. 

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The Mizuno Morelia Neo 2 Fernando Torres MIJ cleat which is also known as the Mizuno Morelia Neo II F9T shoe has been a long time coming. As legendary as the player is behind this boot, only the best from Mizuno will do. The collaboration has been long-awaited by the player himself as he is personally a fan of the Japanese brand. 

This limited edition with only 1999 pairs released, the cleat is filled with elements that circle back to the celebrated athlete’s career and identity. For one, the shoe model’s colorway is a reflection of that. The cleat is predominantly white since Torres prefers it and makes him feel light on his feet. The red and gold coloring stands for the clubs that he played for as well as the Spanish National Team. An F9T print is also added in the heel area representing the soccer player’s initials and his shirt number, 9.

The ‘El Nino’s’ signature cleats spared no expense in terms of the materials either. The shoe makes use of a Made in Japan Kangaroo leather upper. This upper type delivers a lightweight and barefoot feel for the ball. It is also well known for its softness which brings comfort and its moldability which leads to an optimal fit. A central lacing system with a staggered lace hole set up also optimizes fit. 

For the outsole, makes use of a Pebax material while featuring twelve conical studs. There are eight studs integrated into the forefoot area while four are placed in the heel.  

The Mizuno Morelia Neo 2 Fernando Torres MIJ baseball cleat sports a kangaroo leather upper. The material is well-known for its softness and its moldability. The material envelops the foot and over time, creates a more personalized fit as it conforms to the shape of the wearer’s foot. A central lacing system aids fit customization. Reinforcing the fit is a staggered pattern incorporated into the placement of the lace holes. This is to provide a stable fit even when the foot is flexing. 

The upper of the Mizuno Morelia Neo 2 Fernando Torres MIJ is made of Kangaroo leather. This material is a staple among premium cleats as it delivers top tier softness, a lightweight feel, and moldability. Over time, as the material conforms to the shape of the player’s foot, it creates a more personalized fit. A central lacing system integrated into the upper area doubles down on fit, as well. The element features staggard lace holes which maintain the shoe’s snug fit even if the foot is flexing. 

Elements connected to the player are also placed in the shoe. The colorway is a reflection of the player’s identity as well as his football career. The mostly white upper is the result of the athlete’s preference for white-out cleats. The red and gold, on the other hand, symbolize the clubs that the athlete played for. An F9T print is found in the heel area which represents the athlete's initials and shirt number 

The outsole of this model is constructed from a Pebax material. This element is a common feature among soccer cleats as it delivers flexibility as well as durability. The area features a total of twelve conical studs with eight in the forefoot and four in the heel area. This configuration has been developed by the brand to bring traction and grip on firm ground courts.

  • The box for the limited edition Mizuno Morelia Neo 2 Fernando Torres MIJ takes inspiration from Kinpaku. It is a process in which one applies gold and silver flakes to an object to enhance its beauty. 

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