Who should buy the Millet Trident Guide GTX

The Millet Trident Guide GTX is a three-season alpine approach shoe. Hikers stated that it has a  medium rigidity, precise, comfortable, and durable. They say that it has proven its efficiency and resistance to wear. They also stated that this hiking shoe for men was designed for alpine approach and trekking. 

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Who should not buy the Millet Trident Guide GTX

One customer complains about the red fabric staining her feet when wet. Hikers also mentioned that it has a stiff outsole and it is not suitable for normal walks or hikes. If you are looking for a super-versatile approach shoe, you might want to check the Millet Amuri.

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Incredible grip and durability

Hikers who tested this shoe stated that it grips well on both rugged and finer surfaces, so nothing will stop you on your long hike. They also mentioned that its sole can withstand the ruggedness of the trails, making the Millet Trident Guide GTX a very durable approach shoe.

Millet Trident Guide GTX outsole

Offers amazing stability and trail protection

Hikers applauded this shoe because it offers the stability and protection needed in mountain environments. They also mentioned that it offers comfort to go from the approach to long-haul hikes. 

Millet Trident Guide GTX midsole


With its GORE-TEX® membrane, hikers mentioned that it delivers waterproof and breathable protection in wet weather and varied mountain conditions.

Millet Trident Guide GTX upper

Snug fit

Hikers stated that this shoe is perfect for hiking in the mountains and other activities in rugged terrain. They stated that it is designed in such a way as to fit snugly around the foot and ankle. 

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Millet Trident Guide GTX vs. Amuri

In this Millet comparison, the Trident Guide GTX finds competition in the Amuri. Listed below are traits that set the two apart.


The Amuri blows the Trident Guide GTX out of the water by being almost 50% lighter. You can thank the Amuri’s knit upper for the most part for that.


What the Trident Guide GTX lacks in lightness it makes up for in heel support. The featured hiker also comes with a cushioning element around the heel, which provides extra comfort on landings.

Weather protection

Between the two Millet offerings, only the Trident Guide GTX is fully waterproof.


There is approximately a 30-dollar difference between the Trident Guide GTX and its rival, with the latter being the cheaper.

Additional info

  • Its snowshoe compatibility and stretch gaiter readiness make the Trident Guide GTX a dependable approach tool in cold and snowy pursuits.
  • A close relative of the featured approach shoe, the Super Trident GTX is a good alternative for those who need extra ankle support and underfoot cushioning.

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Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 535g
Base model: Millet Trident Guide
Features: Heel brake
Technology: Gore-Tex
Material: Leather
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Top: Low

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