Millet Trident Guide vs. Friction

Pitted against the Trident Guide in this comparison is another one of Millet’s high-quality pieces—the Friction. The following are the areas in which they differ:

Heel support

With is chunkier heel, complete with a cushioning element, the Trident Guide one-ups its rival with extra heel security. The featured shoe is also burlier than the Friction, making the latter a more appealing alternative in terms of…


Yes, the Millet Friction earns the crown in this round. It distances itself from the Trident Guide by being about 70 grams lighter per pair.

Water repellency

Between the two Millet approach kicks, only the Trident Guide has some form of moisture protection. This feature is not liner-based but linked to the external construction of its leather upper.


The Friction is more flexible, both around the ankle and underfoot. The Trident Guide, on the other hand, is stiffer, particularly around the heel.

Takeaway: For more serious approach adventures, where routes are rockier than usual, turn to the Trident Guide. If you need something that delivers freer mobility—one that also looks not very approach shoe—consider the Friction.


The current trend of Millet Trident Guide.
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