Verdict from 63 user reviews

5 reasons to buy

  • Some reviews about the Millet Rock Up illustrate the shoe as something satisfyingly comfy.
  • A small number of senders are impressed with the Rock Up’s eye-catching looks.
  • Its durability is phenomenal, a couple of customer claim.
  • This high-quality climbing shoe from Millet has some serious skills scaling cracks, according to a user.
  • Based on a report, the Rock Up’s top-to-bottom finish is amazing.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Less than a handful of owners find the stiffness of this rock climbing shoe a bit lacking.
  • The Millet Rock Up’s closure is somewhat difficult to tighten, says an experienced climber.

Bottom line

A great example of comfort and durability—is what senders will likely say the moment they don the Rock Up by Millet. They might also call the shoe in question a design genius (at least in terms of aesthetics) and a competent conqueror of fissures.

That said, the challenge its lace-up closure poses to wearers might irk some potential buyers. Nevertheless, the Rock Up has enough aces up its sleeve to be considered another one of Millet’s finest.

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Good to know

-The Rock Up is built with longevity, comfort, and footing security in mind. Millet brandishes it as a “progress” shoe, in which senders can develop their climbing skills, whether inside or outside the gym.

-Its straightforward construction promises climbers a well-rounded kind of performance on a variety of surfaces. It uses a proprietary outsole called 4 Points Grip for traction underfoot.

Downturn. The Millet Rock Up is a neutral climbing shoe, which means it has no downward camber. Its flat, downturn-less front end enables users to gain a secure footing on edges and similar projections. Comfort in neutral rock kicks can last multiple pitches and extended climbing sessions.

Applications. This piece is an all-around climbing shoe. It is a rock shoe for beginners and intermediate climbers alike. Owners may use it either on rock- or wall-type surfaces.

Millet’s Rock Up is a below-the-ankle rock shoe for men and women. It has a roomy fit overall. It might provide a bit of stretch, thanks to its mostly leather upper. Inside its straight (non-asymmetric) confines, the foot can lie comfortably flat. Millet engineers gave it a lace-to-toe closure for fit management and lockdown security.

Midsole. The Rock Up is equipped with a soft midsole for added comfort underfoot. It comes paired with a broad footbed (also known as insole) to bolster its level of support.

Outsole. This Millet climbing shoe has its provision of traction (underfoot) sourced from its brand-exclusive outsole, called 4 Points Grip. Its non-segmented construction serves as a secure platform on edges and like surfaces. 4 millimeters is its overall thickness.

Enclosing the foot in the Millet Rock Up is the climbing shoe’s stitched-on upper made of split leather. Its roughed-out finish lends the shoe a suede-like feel. To make on and off an expedited experience, it comes with a pair of synthetic pull loops. Its mesh tongue is made extra lightweight for a freer and comfier climbing experience.

For lateral or sideways grip, Millet designers gave it sufficient randing around its lower perimeter. They also furnished its forefoot (the inner side) with a minimal toe patch for toe-hooking traction.

The Rock Up’s upper equation is made complete with its lace-type closure system. It is comprised of a sturdy lace made of interwoven synthetic cords and regular eyelets, the uppermost two of which are plated for longevity.