Who should buy the Millet Friction

The Millet Friction has enough tricks up its sleeve to give hikers-slash-climbers a confidence boost on their approach journeys. It is a solid option if you:

  • Prefer an approach shoe that is designed for nature travelers who wish to tackle approaches with enough versatility. 
  • Prefer an approach shoe that provides smoother transitions, especially during push-offs over level terrain.

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Excellent surface traction

The Friction from Millet is capable of producing sufficient traction on a variety of surfaces thanks to its Vibram Mulaz outsole. It is based on Vibram’s Mont compound, which is known for providing low-temperature performance consistently. It has aggressive lugs outlining its borders for traction. It also comes with a forefoot tip that doubles as the Friction’s protective bumper.

Millet Friction outsole

Provides slip and skid resistance

The climbing zone and heel brake are two of its key features. The former promises improved surface contact and grip on edge-type terrain, while the latter offers additional slip and skid resistance during descents.

Millet Friction outsole 1

Provides adequate cushioning and stability underfoot

With its firm yet supple midsole, the Millet Friction gets to supply its owners with adequate cushioning and stability underfoot. It has a dual-density construction, which grants the foot zonal comfort and footing security, especially during transitions. Since it is made of EVA or ethylene-vinyl acetate, it can go back to its original shape and thickness after use. This kind of material is also resistant to breakage and has a high rebound rate, even at low temperatures.

Millet Friction midsole

Comfortable and supportive underfoot cushioning

Helping the Friction’s midsole in delivering a comfy approach ride is a cushioned insole. Aside from extra comfort, its presence also provides added support underfoot.

Millet Friction insole

Easy to wear

The foot is shielded from the elements within the Millet Friction’s split leather upper. Getting in and out of its comfy interior is made relatively easy thanks to its heavy-duty synthetic pull loop at the heel. Both its collar and low-rise tongue are adequately padded for additional cushioning.

Millet Friction upper

Excellent smearing and edging performance

To protect the shoe from scrapes and cuts, especially during smearing and edging, Millet designers equipped the Friction’s toe box with a rubber rand. They also furnished the shoe’s heel with enough randing for improved rearfoot support.

Millet Friction upper 1

Durable lacing system

The Millet Friction’s to-the-toe fitness management system completes the shoe’s upper equation. It is made up of synthetic lace and combination eyelets, most of which are plated for longevity.

Millet Friction laces

Millet Friction care and maintenance guide

The Millet Friction, just like most kicks of its kind, is built for rugged use. That said, it will still require proper care and maintenance for it to have an extended lifespan. The points below are some of the things owners can do to keep the Friction in good condition for longer.

  • After every use, remove dirt and debris off of its leather upper with a soft brush. Remove its footbed/insole and rid its interior of foreign materials as well.
  • Using a pointed tool (a toothpick will suffice), remove stones and debris stuck between the spaces of the outsole’s lugs and treads.
  • If the shoe has been muddied or stained heavily, wash it by hand (not in a washer) with some mild soap and warm water. Remove the lace and footbed before washing.
  • Rinse the hiker thoroughly and air-dry it somewhere shaded. Do not use a machine dryer. To expedite this step, stuff it with some clean paper or newspaper.
  • As the Friction’s upper is made of split leather, applying some leather conditioner on it can prolong its quality. Before application, ensure that the product is completely dry.
  • Store the Millet Friction in a cool, dry place if it will not be used for a long time. Never leave it in direct sunlight or inside the car.

Nice to know

-The Friction has a waterproof counterpart in the Millet Friction GTX.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 450g / Women 425g
Features: Heel brake
Material: Leather
Top: Low
BRAND Brand: Millet
Randing: Forefoot only
SKUs: MIG1279000 / MIG12791229 / MIG1368000 / MIG18532599

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Teddy Dondanville

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