Who should buy the Millet Amuri Knit

The Amuri Knit is a solid addition to Millet’s ever-expanding family of outdoorsy shoes. It is a solid option if you:

  • Prefer an approach shoe that is designed to be breathable enough for summer approach trips and protective enough for challenging excursions around mountain bases.
  • Prefer an approach shoe that gives hikers a bit more flexibility and creativity in their step.
  • Prefer an approach shoe that provides walking comfort over level terrain.

Millet Amuri Knit logo

Size and fit

A below-the-ankle approach shoe for men and women is the Millet Amuri Knit. It comes with a slim profile, which provides the foot a snug enclosure with a kind of toe box that underscores precision. Wearers can achieve a secure lockdown in it via the shoe’s traditional lacing system.

Millet Amuri Knit laces 1

Excellent surface traction and slip resistance

Thanks to its 4 Points Grip outsole, the Amuri Knit can stick to practically all sorts of backcountry surfaces with sufficient traction. Low-profile honeycomb-shaped lugs are built all around it to supply approach travelers with multi-directional slip resistance over loose-soiled earth. It comes in extra thin to keep the shoe’s weight at a minimum, all while enabling the user to pull off hiking and climbing maneuvers with enhanced agility.

Millet Amuri Knit outsole

Excellent edging performance

Its front tip, around the big toe part, reads, “Climbing Zone.” This feature, which is unique to approach kicks, delivers improved toeing precision and sticking power on edges.

Millet Amuri Knit midsole

Provides protection from terrain hazards

The Millet Amuri Knit promises to protect the foot from a variety of terrain hazards with its thick-yet-light midsole. It is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA for short), which rivals rubber in terms of resilience and rebound rate. 

Millet Amuri Knit midsole 1

Comfortable, supportive, and stable cushioning

Its heel section is slightly fanned out to give adventurers more help with support and stability. Millet engineers topped it with a cushioned footbed for additional comfort underfoot.

Millet Amuri Knit insole

Excellent ventilation

Hikers-slash-climbers can expect to approach their rock destination with as much breathability as possible in the Amuri Knit’s knitted polyester upper. Its high-wear sections are imbued with Matryx fabric, which is a combination of hard-wearing Kevlar and nylon.

Millet Amuri Knit upper

Easy to wear

Getting in and out of its moderately padded interior is a convenient affair, thanks to its pair of synthetic pull loops.

Millet Amuri Knit loop

Sturdy lace-up closure

The Millet Amuri Knit’s upper is rounded out with the shoe’s lace-up closure. It consists of 8 pairs of eyelets (all with plating for longevity) and a sturdy lace made of interwoven synthetic cords.

Millet Amuri Knit laces

Nice to know

  • This approach shoe has an all-synthetic sibling in the Millet Amuri.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 310g / Women 250g
Base model: Millet Amuri
Features: Breathable / Lightweight / Tongue Pull Loop
Material: Knit, Rubber sole
Top: Low
BRAND Brand: Millet
Randing: Forefoot only

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Teddy Dondanville
Teddy Dondanville

Teddy is a professionally trained Apprentice Rock Guide with the American Mountain Guides Association and a Wilderness First Responder with the National Outdoor Leadership School. Besides guiding outdoor rock climbing, Teddy also has years of experience in route setting and coaching climbing indoors. Through his guiding, route setting, and coaching, Teddy has experimented with climbing shoes for over a decade.