Who should buy the Millet Amuri

The Amuri is an endearing Millet offering, especially for those who tackle approach routes with extra care. It is a solid option if you:

  • Prefer an approach shoe that is engineered for adventurers who need a combination of flexibility, agility, and precision in their trail-to-rock travels.
  • Prefer an approach shoe that helps wearers move with as much mobility as possible.
  • Prefer an approach shoe that helps the foot get on and in tricky spots with enhanced responsiveness.

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Size and fit

A below-the-ankle approach shoe for men and women is the Millet Amuri. The brand recommends customers to get it in a half or full size bigger for a precise fit. Its ultra-thin tongue is stitched to the upper in a way that prevents bunching. Owners may get a customized lockdown in it using the shoe’s to-the-toe lace-up closure.

Millet Amuri laces

Provides slip and skid resistance

The Millet Amuri approach shoe delivers surefootedness with its 4 Points Grip outsole. Scattered around it are low-profile lugs, which produce slip and skid resistance in practically every direction.

Millet Amuri outsole

Excellent smearing and edging performance

Over at its forefoot (big toe side) is a feature called a climbing zone. This smooth part is specifically designed to provide users with extra sticking power on smears and during edging maneuvers. The thinness of its construction improves the shoe’s flexibility and sensitivity underfoot.

Millet Amuri outsole 1

Springy yet resilient

Cushioning and stability over rugged terrain come via the Millet Amuri’s springy yet resilient midsole. It is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), which is widely known for its high rebound rate and shape retention. The midsole in the men’s version comes with anti-shock inserts, which, as its name suggests, mitigates shock upon landing.

Millet Amuri midsole

Comfortable and supportive underfoot cushioning

Millet engineers mounted a soft footbed right on top of this cushy layer for additional underfoot comfort. Its presence also translates to increased support.

Millet Amuri arch

Water and abrasion-resistant

What hides the foot from plain sight in the Amuri is the Matryx upper, which is made with a combination of moisture-wicking Kevlar yarn and woven nylon. This protective shell is coated with polyurethane (PU), making the shoe adequately water repellent and abrasion-resistant.

Millet Amuri upper

Easy to wear

Access to and from its padded interior is relatively quick and easy with the hiker’s synthetic heel pull tab. Millet designers crafted it with a generous heel counter for rearfoot support. For lateral climbing grip and toeing traction, on the other hand, they furnished its sides and toe box with heavy-duty randing.

Millet Amuri upper 2

Lace-to-toe lockdown system

Completing Amuri’s upper equation is the approach shoe’s lace-to-toe lockdown system. It is comprised of 8 pairs of eyelets (all plated for durability) and a sturdy lace made of long-wearing interwoven synthetic cords.

Millet Amuri laces

Millet Amuri vs. Amuri Leather

The Amuri is a competent piece of gear when it comes to navigating approach routes. That said, so is the Amuri Leather. At first glance, the two Millet approach shoes are convincingly similar. However, a closer look will reveal the differences between them. The following will touch on the things that set the two apart.

Weight factor. When it comes to weight, the Millet Amuri has the upper hand. Yes, the featured approach shoe is lighter than its leather sibling by approximately 40 grams.

Asking price. The two Millet kicks in this comparison are pretty affordable. That said, the Amuri Leather edges out the Amuri for being the budget-friendlier approach hiker.

Upper makeup. As previously discussed (see: Upper), the Millet Amuri has a partly nylon, partly Kevlar yarn main shell. Its rival, on the other hand, has its upper made of split leather. Note that only the Amuri has a level of water repellency, thanks to its moisture-resistant PU coating.

A matter of breathability. Trail-to-rock travelers who wish to experience the great outdoors with as much breathability as possible might find the Millet Amuri the more compelling gear to own. Indeed, the shoe in question is, by design, more breathable than its competitor.

Midsole technology. Both shoes in this head-to-head are equipped with the same EVA midsole. That being said, the Amuri Leather lacks the shock-absorbing inserts its breathable brother has—the men’s variant, at least.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 280g / Women 220g
Features: Breathable / Lightweight
Material: Rubber sole
Waterproofing: Water resistant
Top: Low
BRAND Brand: Millet
Randing: Forefoot only

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Teddy Dondanville
Teddy Dondanville

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