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8 reasons to buy

  • Quite a number of loyal Merrell supporters had their expectations exceeded by the Siren Strap Q2’s enchanting level of comfort.
  • Many of those who bought this strappy hiking gear couldn’t help but describe it as an insatiably cute sandal.
  • Dozens of wearers found a perfect fit in this Merrell footwear.
  • This sandal, based on numerous reports, is as useful for hiking as it is for virtually everything else.
  • The Siren Strap Q2 enamored a moderate percentage of owners with its excessive lightness.
  • Some wearers considered the sandal’s break-in period nonexistent.
  • With this sandal on, users by the handful didn’t dread losing grip over challenging terrain.
  • According to a couple of buyers, the Merrell Siren Strap Q2 is undeniably a worthy purchase.

4 reasons not to buy

  • A considerable number of owners with wider ankle girth expressed their dismay concerning the sandal’s ankle strap. They said that it could use a bit more length so that they could strap it in more securely.
  • The Siren Strap Q2 didn’t win the favor of a select few for lacking arch support.
  • Based on a couple of reviews, the sandal’s diagonal (instep) strap becomes too tight, especially once the feet start to swell.
  • A tiny fraction of verified buyers detested the footbed’s toe bar—the ridge right below where the toes flex.

Bottom line

Ladies have a lot to love about the Siren Strap Q2 from Merrell. Its has posh looks and is amazingly light, comfortable, and versatile. On top of all that, its fit is nothing short of exemplary. It is not at all bright and sunny, however, as its problematic straps and depressing lack of arch support smear its brilliance. Overall, the Siren Strap Q2 makes for a captivating product, thanks to its defining qualities that go beyond aesthetics. A bit of compromise concerning its slipups, however, is necessary.

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Good to know

  • The Merrel Siren Strap Q2’s strappy upper is a combination of waterproof nubuck leather and webbing. It features two adjustable straps—one at the ankle and another at the forefoot.
  • Providing stability and cushioning is the Q Form 2 dual-density midsole. It is engineered with a heel-centering technology for gender-specific foot alignment and extra comfort. Additional cushioning is care of Merrell’s In-Board Compression Molded Footframe.
  • On the underside of the sandal is yet another Merrell technology called M-Select Grip—the footwear's outsole. As its name suggests, this proprietary outsole offers surface traction on rugged terrain, thanks in no small part to its treads and low-profile lugs.

The Siren Strap Q2 is a fairly true-to-size Merrell hiking sandal specially crafted for the female crowd. It comes in standard width and is offered in a number of whole sizes. The upper’s pair of adjustable straps makes getting a personalized fit possible. The strap at the middle of the sandal has a stretchy base which allows for a dialed-in instep fit. The padding on the interior of the upper grants comfort. 

Come rain or shine, Merrell’s M-Select Grip outsole enables wearers to take on tricky trails with adequate traction. As it is made of special compounds, this outsole is granted a level of resistance to abuse and wear and tear. Its surface is also amply peppered with self-cleaning lugs, having a general depth (or height) of 3 mm. 

The Merrell-exclusive Q Form 2 midsole is what provides hikers stability and underfoot cushioning in their outdoor adventures. Its dual-density construction adds cushioning at key zones, thereby making transitions comfortable. At the heel of the midsole is a groove where Merrell’s Air Cushion technology is embedded. This extra component contributes to the sandal’s overall shock absorption.

For added comfort, the engineers equipped the Siren Strap Q2 with a non-removable, textured footbed. It is lightweight yet can withstand considerable stress, thanks to the material of which it is made—ethylene-vinyl acetate or EVA. This footbed also has a hump across the forefoot zone (underneath the spot where the toe joints rest) which helps prevent underfoot slippage, especially during descents. 

The Siren Strap Q2’s waterproof upper combines the lightness of webbing and inherent toughness of nubuck leather in a simplistic yet versatile design. It has a neoprene lining by Lycra for internal cushioning. The adjustable ankle and forefoot straps are sealed with hook and loop fasteners. The buckles serving as the straps’ joints are rounded and beveled for smooth and easy adjustments. Connecting the inner side of the instep strap to the midsole is a piece of elastic fabric resembling garter. For a convenient on and off, the upper comes complete with a pull tab which is made of a durable, synthetic material.  

  • Cleaning the Siren Strap Q2 generally involves brushing away dirt using a soft bristled brush. If it gets especially filthy with heavy dirt, wash it in warm water with a mild soap. Rinse thoroughly and let it air dry.


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