Our verdict

If there is one word that can describe the Moab Speed outside the bounds of “fast” and the like, “liberating” should be it. Dubbed by Merrell as their tackle-any-trail shoe, this agile hiker will draw out the creative adventurer bubbling inside you. Yes, the Moab Speed is poised to live up to its moniker, especially once you get it on nice and secure.


  • True to size
  • Nice fit
  • Amazing arch support
  • Quick-drying
  • Well-cushioned
  • Quick break-in time
  • Very comfortable
  • Grippy
  • Versatile
  • Feels light


  • Heel lock is sub-par
  • Not for wide feet
  • Sole wears quickly




Merrell Moab Speed review

The Merrell Moab Speed hikers are well cushioned low-cut shoes that excel at daily wear and day hiking. They are affordable, well built, and long-lasting. These should fit a wide variety of foot shapes and offer all-day comfort. 

Who should buy it

The Moab Speed is for you if you want a versatile hiking shoe that you can use for daily wear and day hikes. This comfortable shoe offers also impressive arch support and cushioning.

Who should NOT buy it

Consider other hiking shoes if you:


Supportive and comfy for daily wear and day hikes alike

The Moab (Mother of All Boots) line of shoes is Merrell’s best-selling and longest-running model of shoe and they recently added a couple of updated looks to the catalogue. The Moab Speed is an excellent slimmed-down, speed hiker of sorts. 


The Moab Speed is versatile

These aren’t heavy-duty backpacking boots or casual around-town shoes, but they do a good job of blurring the lines between those two categories. I’ve worn them to work, on day hikes, and out to dinner, without much hesitation. 


It offers step-in comfort

They didn’t really take any breaking in, and offer quite a bit of underfoot cushion. That being said, the arch support felt “misplaced” at first; almost as if it was too far forward on my foot. I gave it a few days, and the feeling seemed to dissipate. I haven’t noticed it since. Your results may vary.

The Vibram outsole offers excellent grip

Merrell has done a great job in recent years at stepping up its eco-friendly options and the Moab Speed is no exception. They offer a recycled Vibram sole exclusive to the Moabs, and if you know anything about Vibram, you understand that grip is never in question. 


Sole seems to be wearing quickly

One gripe is that I’ve noticed some premature wear starting to show, and I don’t know if that’s because of the recycled content or simply because they are a less expensive shoe offering. 

The lacing could use some work

The Moab Speed lacing is very traditional, but I found myself having to adjust it often to relieve pressure off the top of my foot. I also found that I needed to use heel lock lacing to really get a solid heel fit. This still didn’t quite keep my heels in place, but this is a common problem I have with hiking shoes, so you may not experience the same issue.  


The Merrell Moab Speed offers lightweight protection

The Moab Speed use a “float” midsole and cuts weight and adds some welcomed cushion, so these won’t make you feel weighed down on your next day hike and if they fit your feet well, they should be an excellent option for light-duty trail use and daily wear.