Who should buy Merrell Jungle Slide

When shopping for slides, “these are the babies to get,” said one sneakerhead. Order yours now because Jungle Slide:

  • is an easy-to-wear and durable slip-on
  • can double as casual kicks or everyday sliders at home
  • acts as a feet-warming clog for the cold weather

Merrell Jungle Slide merrell-jungle-slide-side-logo

Who should not buy it

Jungle Lace AC+ is a good lightweight alternative but still with exceptional arch support. For another light yet tighter slip-on, check out Merrell Hut Moc.

Merrell Jungle Slide merrell-jungle-slide-middle-arch

Merrell Jungle Slide will take you to heaven

Sneaker fans love the comfort of the clogs. One noted that the air cushion was “exceptional.” Another said that when wearing the shoes, “the quality surrounds your feet,” to which another reviewer agreed to say that you would “never want to take them off.” A satisfied sneakerhead even claimed that the slide is “heaven.”

Merrell Jungle Slide merrell-jungle-slide-insole

The sliders run wide

Reviewers reported that the sneakers “do run a bit larger.” One even noted that they have to “wear heavier socks” due to the wider fit.

Merrell Jungle Slide merrell-jungle-slide-elastic

Jungle Slide is better than slippers

“These are my slippers!” exclaimed one in their review. But, according to the reviews, Jungle Slide offers greater arch support than normal slippers. One pointed out that the sliders are “so much better than squishy and unstructured slippers,” while another said that they “don't get crushed” as regular slippers do. 

Merrell Jungle Slide merrell-jungle-slide-sole-tip

Walk securely with these sliders

According to reviews, the sneakers have a nice grip and good traction. Although some reviews mentioned that they are “rather heavy” and have the tendency to “squeak when wet,” the testers guarantee that the shoe “doesn’t slip off when [they] walk.” One said that the strapless heel might make you think otherwise but believe not, "they stay on your foot!”

Merrell Jungle Slide merrell-jungle-slide-upper

The slip-on that takes care of you

Many reviewers shared that Merrell Jungle Slide is their choice slip-on for their medical conditions. For one, the sliders are “truly the answer” for post-knee surgery. Another with issues on their Achilles’ tendon said that the clogs “did the trick beautifully!” One tester expounded that wearing the sneakers made their feet think they’ve been sent to the “most elite spa on the planet earth.”

Merrell Jungle Slide merrell-jungle-slide-toebox

Jungle Slide is an all-around shoe

The clogs are priced at $95. Many buyers make the most out of their purchase by using them as a “go-to camping footwear” or for “around the house while doing chores.”

One reviewer claimed the shoes are great for “easy flat hikes, paved trails, or easy dirt.” According to another, the kicks are versatile and can be used for casual occasions. As a bonus: they are durable and long-lasting too!

Merrell Jungle Slide merrell-jungle-slide-sole-heel

Withstand the cold weather with Merrell Jungle Slide

According to the testers, the sliders are suitable for winter and icy weather because they “fit like gloves and are warm.” Another tester said the clogs are great for “days when the weather changes by the hour!” 

Merrell Jungle Slide merrell-jungle-slide-heel

Jungle Slide is back and claims the throne

A sneakerhead described the shoe as “designed with a forward motion.” After Merrell stopped producing them in the 2010s, fans of Jungle Slide hoped for their return - and their wish was granted. The sliders were reintroduced in 2021, and a reviewer happily said that “they are the same quality as they were!” Another claimed that these are the “best sliders ever made by Merrell.”

Merrell Jungle Slide merrell-jungle-slide-toe-roll

Facts / Specs

Style: Dad
Top: Low
Inspired from: Hiking
Closure: Slip-on
Material: Rubber Sole, Suede
Technology: Air Cushion

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