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The Jungle Moc Explorer is not just a simple sneaker. It is a reliable slip-on that you can take hiking from light to mountainous terrain. It offers support and traction that is great for concrete and everyday walks too. This travel-friendly kick from Merrel is made of suede leather with additional pull-cord toggles for an adjustable fit.


  • Can take on muddy and slippery terrain
  • Unbeatable traction
  • Good for light trails too
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Good price
  • Superbly comfortable
  • Can be used as an all-around shoe


  • Runs wide
  • Back part rubs the heel
  • Laces need to be tucked in
  • Not as durable and supportive as other Jungle Mocs

Who should buy Jungle Moc Explorer

Buy yours now if you:

Merrell Jungle Moc Explorer merrell-jungle-moc-explorer-insole

Who should not buy it

An expert recommends buying the Hydro Moc for a durable alternative that is gentle with the heel. It is also a slip-on, so you don't have to worry about laces! You can go with another laceless option that is loose on the heel and buy Jungle Moc 2.0. You should also check out Jungle Moc Nubuck slip-on. It has notable durability, plus excellent arch and heel support.

Merrell Jungle Moc Explorer merrell-jungle-moc-explorer-toe-box

Jungle Moc’s comfort is alive in Explorer

Reviewers were not disappointed with the comfort of the kicks. An expert described them as “so damn comfortable,” while another claimed that “you won’t regret slipping these on your feet!” 

Merrell Jungle Moc Explorer merrell-jungle-moc-explorer-heel-tip

Wear thick socks to protect your heel

Commenters loved that they could slip on and off the sneakers easily. One reviewer noted some discomfort in the heel area because the shoe “rubs against the Achilles tendon.” An expert agrees and says that the slip-on is “a little bit clunky in the heel.”

A tester shared their "big mistake" of wearing them without socks and experienced the cuff cut into the back of their ankle. A commenter suggested wearing socks prevents blisters on the back heel where the knit area meets the firm part of the shoe.

Merrell Jungle Moc Explorer merrell-jungle-moc-explorer-heel-tab

Half size down for a better fit

People agree that the slip-on runs wider than usual shoe sizes. For some, this is a boon because “it makes them easier to put on and remove.” Most reviews advise sizing down when buying for a good fit. A sneakerhead suggested going true size for those with wider feet. Otherwise, they say getting half a size down and “you should be good to go.”

Merrell Jungle Moc Explorer merrell-jungle-moc-explorer-toeroll

Laces are a bit problematic

Some people noted that the excess cords “hang off the back and drag” and could even get tangled. A reviewer said that “when cinched to tighten, the tail in the back needs to be threaded through” to avoid brushing against the legs.

Merrell Jungle Moc Explorer merrell-jungle-moc-explorer-laces

Jungle Moc Explorer vs. other Jungle Mocs

Commenters compared the kicks to the classic Jungle Moc, saying they are “probably not as durable.” Another fan noted that the arch support on the inner liner is “not as good on the Explorer as the other slip-on mocs.” 

But in terms of grip and traction, many testers also noticed the great grip and traction of sneakers. A Merell fan claimed that other kicks “can’t beat the traction of these” that can tackle slippery, muddy, and even steep inclines. 

Merrell Jungle Moc Explorer merrell-jungle-moc-explorer-sole-heel

Kick-start your holiday with Merrell Jungle Moc Explorer

Travelers shared their experiences taking the slip-on on their vacations. Wearing them made going through airport security “a breeze,” said one. Overall, one experienced hiker said that the sneaker is a “great slip-on shoe for the summer.”

Merrell Jungle Moc Explorer merrell-jungle-moc-explorer-toebox

Wear Jungle Moc Explorer every day

Aside from taking the kicks for trips to the Safari, many reviewers use the shoe for everyday stuff. One uses them as an everyday shoes in their university, while another works on cement. A sneaker fan said Jungle Moc Explorer is a “solid shoe for your everyday go-to.”

Merrell Jungle Moc Explorer merrell-jungle-moc-explorer-heel 

Jungle Moc Explorer is a solid buy for Merrell fans

Fairing at $105 a pair, the sneaker is “yet another great shoe” from Merell, according to one sneakerhead. The mixture of suede in the upper “adds quality and a premium feel,” said an expert. Jungle Moc Explorer is cheaper by $5 compared to an average sneaker that costs $110. 

Merrell Jungle Moc Explorer merrell-jungle-moc-explorer-side-arch