Updates to Merrell Hydro Moc

  • This water hiking footwear from Merrell is made of single-density injected EVA upper for durability and flexibility. It also comes with an EVA footbed with contoured arch for cushion and added comfort.
  • Its cut-out design promotes breathability, which makes water hiking in the summer more enjoyable. Meanwhile, the anti-slip sole lets the wearer confidently tackle slippery surfaces.

Size and fit

The Merrell Hydro Moc is a wide-fitting hiking shoe with an articulated heel with a strap for a secure fit. It uses an advanced construction design for easy on and off. This shoe is made of single-density EVA upper which is very flexible. This gives the foot freedom of movement, which is very helpful when traversing uneven ground or when transitioning to and out of water.


Featuring a durable, anti-slip outsole, the Hydro Moc makes the ideal footwear for water hiking in the summer. Its sole features a less aggressive oval lug pattern with 2mm depth. Shallow lug patterns are great for hard and smooth surfaces, such as rocks, pavements, and concrete. However, they may not work well in soft terrains, such as mud, grass, and loose dirt. 


This water hiking shoe has a midsole made of EVA - a foam-like material that is durable and flexible. Another notable characteristic of Merrell Hydro is its lightness. Unlike other types of shoe cushioning materials, EVA is much more lightweight. It's also touted for its high bounce rate and shock-absorbing qualities. 


The Hydro Moc is made entirely of single-density injected EVA that is super lightweight and durable. Its closed-toe construction helps keep your toes protected from trail hazards, such as sharp rocks, sticks, broken glass, and many others. For enhanced breathability, there are big holes throughout the vamp which also serve as the drainage system of the shoe. However, there are no holes in the midsole, so there is less breathability at the bottom of the shoe. 

This shoe is a slip-on type of footwear so it's very convenient to wear. It also features a heel strap for a secure fit.

Merrell Hydro Moc vs. Merrell Choprock Shandal

Merrell is well-known not only for their hiking shoes and boots but also for their durable and stylish water hiking shoes and sandals. The Hydro Moc and the Choprock are two of their most popular hiking shoes that you can use both on your land and water adventures. To know which one fits you best, here are the key differences to consider:

Closure system. The Choprock Shandal hiking shoes feature a lace-up closure with a bungee cord lock. While both the Hydro Moc and Choprock are really easy to put on and off, the Choprock allows for a more customized fit. Since it uses a lace-up closure, you can tighten or loosen up the shoe whenever needed.

Materials. While the Hydro Moc shoes are made entirely of EVA-injected upper and midsole, the Choprock is constructed using water-friendly synthetic materials, such as mesh-fabric which take a little longer to dry than the Hydro. 

Style. The Hydro Moc and Choprock shoes look entirely different. If you prefer a more summery shoe that looks more laidback (perfect for strolling around the town and going to the beach), the Hydro Mock makes a great shoe. It looks more like a rubber sandal but in a more stylish cut and design. The Choprock, on the other hand, looks like a traditional hiking shoe with holes on the side for water drainage and breathability. It also features a rubber toe cap for protection against the elements.

Price. The Merrell Hydro Moc is half the price of the Choprock. It's an affordable option for anyone looking for a lightweight, water-friendly shoe that they can also use for strolling around the town. 

Use. While the Choprock is more pricey, it is packed with features that make it more suitable for moderately rugged trails. Specifically, it comes with 5mm-deep lugs that offer an enhanced grip on soft and uneven ground, such as mud and loose dirt. Meanwhile, the Hydro Moc is more suitable for highly established trails wherein you will be stepping more on solid surfaces, such as concrete, rocks, and the like. Since it has a shallow tread pattern, it may not bite into soft surfaces as much as the Choprock does.


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