Our verdict


The Merrell Embark Lace is loved by many for its reliability and comfort. This shoe built an enormous reputation for bringing excellent quality shoes available to the public. It is adored by many because of its easy slip-on and off style, superb lightness, and amazing grip it provides. Many also loved the minimalistic style and fit that it gives them.


  • Excellent grip
  • Highly recommended for long walks
  • Manufactured using recyclable materials
  • Unbelievably lightweight
  • Great “on-the-go” style
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Breathable


  • Lack of arch support
  • Toebox is a bit narrow

Who should buy the Merrell Embark Lace

This sneaker perfectly suits those looking for durable shoes that can be with them on their sporting activities or just their daily grinds. It is the perfect option if you:

  • Prefer a sporty sneaker that will give you a comfortable ride on bumpy terrains
  • Prefer light sneakers
  • Are an “on-the-go” type of person.

Merrell Embark Lace merrell-embark-lace-profile

Who should not buy the Merrell Embark Lace

For sneakerheads who prefer to have arch support, this might not be a perfect choice. In this manner, there are alternatives that you can consider such as the Merrell Alpine Sneaker or Merrell Jungle Moc.

Merrell Embark Lace merrell-embark-lace-forefoot

Merrel Embark Lace sports a breathable upper

The breathable fabric that is integrated into the Merrell Embark Lace is loved by many. One satisfied customer said, “They are comfy and breathable.” The material gives the buyers peace of mind even for extensive hours of hiking.

Merrell Embark Lace merrell-embark-lace-heel

Merrell Embark Lace has grippy soles

One owner of the Embark Lace said that the outsoles are "super grippy" while the other commented, "the traction on the shoe is insane." 

Merrell Embark Lace merrell-embark-lace-laces

Cushioning for superb comfort

Reviewers found the cushion of this sneaker remarkable saying “I love the support and cushion from being on my feet all day.” It is absolutely perfect for people who are looking to be comfy for long hours of walking.

Merrell Embark Lace merrell-embark-lace-grip

Merrell Embark Lace slip-on style

The Embark Lace is insanely easy to put on and take off. As a reviewer has said, this is possible thanks to the "elasticized upper." Truly perfect for people who are always “on the go”.

Merrell Embark Lace merrell-embark-lace-insole

Perfect for extended use

The great characteristics of the Merrell Embark Lace make it a shoe that is perfect for daily use. It does not matter whether you use it ruggedly as it seems to handle any road conditions swiftly. A satisfied fan commented that the Merrel Embark Lace is “a go-anywhere shoe.”

Cleaning the Merrel Embark Lace is a breeze

People did not have any problems even when the sneaker got dirty. One commenter has testified that “they wash so nicely bc they got super dirty, hosed them down, dry in the sun.“

Merrell Embark Lace merrell-embark-lace-vibram

Durability is great

A person who owned this sneaker already expected this shoe to be durable because of the brand. He said that the shoe is “fantastic” after buying a pair and using the shoe on his daily grind. 

Narrow toebox

As the brand claims, “consider sizing down a half or whole size.” A Merrell Embark Lace owner said, “I kept them and have been wearing very thin no-show socks to break them in.“ 

Merrell Embark Lace merrell-embark-lace-outsole

Lack of arch support

People are worried because of the missing arch support. As one hiker said, “They are cute and comfy, but could use some arch support.”