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Unwieldiness isn't a thing in the Bravada Edge from Merrell. Just like many female adventurers, you'll be magnetized by its empowering sole, on which traversals feel very assisted, minus the drag. An endearing summer offering, this exceptionally sticky trail kick is also a charmer style-wise. That said, slipping into it might be the most challenging experience you'll have in a shoe yet.


  • Helpful for those with foot conditions
  • Incredibly supportive
  • Exceptionally breathable
  • Stupendously grippy
  • Fits like a glove
  • Light and comfy
  • Stunning looks


  • Difficult to slip into
  • Not your standard tongue

Who should buy the Merrell Bravada Edge

The Merrell Bravada Edge offers a speedy way to enjoy your trail pursuits. Purchase it if: 

  • You're a hiker who's been dealing with some form of foot pain.
  • Urban hiking shoes that persist on longer adventures are what you're after.
  • You want a light hiker that provides convincing tenacity on slick surfaces.

Merrell Bravada Edge buy

Who should not buy it

With no reported issues with its on and off, the Vitesse from Columbia is a great alternative to the Merrell Bravada Edge. And if it's a standard tongue you need, there's the Columbia Fairbanks Low.

Merrell Bravada Edge no

The Bravada Edge's mighty supportive sole

Underfoot, the Merrell Bravada Edge, according to scores of hikers, is quite cradling and bracing. "Great for my feet and my gait" is how a reviewer puts it. "Perfect for me with a pronating ankle," says another.

Besides keeping one's posture as upright as possible, the shoe's supportive sole unit also helps with pain. Take a look at these comments for proof:

  • "Perfect for my Morton’s neuroma condition."
  • "I have plantar fasciitis, and I can wear these shoes all day."
  • "Helps with an ongoing foot problem."

Merrell Bravada Edge supp

Gives you the edge on warm hikes

When it comes to expelling heat buildup, the Bravada Edge is quite impressive. Backing this statement are the remarks "ideal for the summer" and "The mesh allows good ventilation."

Merrell Bravada Edge breathe

Legendary grip from city to trail

The Merrell Bravada Edge is one tenacious she-beast, and trail-goers agree. "I love the amount of grip on the sole," says one of them. Another commenter says that it provides "very good grip, even on icy days."

Merrell Bravada Edge grip

Glove-like once on

In terms of fit, the Bravada Edge meets expectations. A non-professional reviewer says it has "perfect fit and sizing," while another hiker calls its confines "spot-on."

That said, getting inside the shoe is a whole different story. Quite a number of hikers are livid about the shoe's tight opening, which is compounded by the kick's non-adjustable tongue. One of them says that slipping into the Bravada Edge is "very frustrating and a total faff." Another trail-goer has this in her review: "I was completely unable to get my foot into the opening."

Merrell Bravada Edge fit

Relaxing rides in the Merrell Bravada Edge

Numerous female trail explorers have nothing but praise for the Bravada Edge's supreme comfort. They link it mainly to the hiker's lightness. Weighing 255 grams apiece, this city-to-trail Merrell kick undercuts the average weight of women's hiking shoes by 61 grams.

Merrell Bravada Edge lightcomf

Something daring and chic

There are those who really dig the summery and sassy design of the Merrell Bravada Edge. One of them says, "I like the style - it’s almost a shame that I’ll be getting them dirty on the trails!"

Merrell Bravada Edge design