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As the women's counterpart of the Nova 2, the Merrell Antora 2 offers a sneaker-light comfort and confidence-boosting performance on both light and rugged trails. It has a durable grippy outsole for uphill and downhill runs, and an underfoot cushioning uniquely tailored for female athletes. With its protective and stable platform, this trail running shoe won't disappoint on long-distance and slow-paced runs.


  • Straight-out-the-box comfort
  • Grippy
  • Protective
  • Stable
  • Versatile use
  • Spacious toe box
  • Light


  • Stiff
  • Not for narrow feet

Who should buy the Merrell Antora 2

Designed specifically for women, the Merrell Antora 2 is a trail running shoe that's best for: 

  • light to moderate trail
  • daily training
  • easy, high-mileage runs

Merrell Antora 2 merrell logo

Who should NOT buy it

Those who are looking for road running shoes can write off the Antora 2. And if you need a pair of stability shoes, you can skip this one too. 

Merrell Antora 2 trail shoe

Merrell Antora 2 vs. 1: What changed?

As a protective trail shoe, the Antora 2 is still equipped with the same midsole and outsole technologies as its predecessor. The new mesh upper delivers better ventilation and a comfortable fit. 

Merrell Antora 2 mesh upper

No adjustment period needed

Many runners have mentioned that the Merrell Antora 2 is very comfortable right out of the box.

Merrell Antora 2 comfort

Outsole so sticky, you can run anywhere! 

On dirt, gravel, and grass, the Merrell Antora 2 clings. It does it so "impressively," most reviewers have not had any issues with slipping. 

Merrell Antora 2 grip

No need to worry about strained feet with the Antora 2

Thanks to its rock plate, testers report that they feel "confident" to step over rocky and uneven surfaces.

Merrell Antora 2 rock plate

Planted steps coming your way

The midsole has a decent amount of rigidness that gives the foot a stable platform needed to strike the ground.

Merrell Antora 2 midsole

The Merrell Antora 2 is a jack-of-all-trails

Apart from its multi-surface grip, the shoe also shines on light trail hiking and climbing activities. 

Merrell Antora 2 lockdown

Welcomes wide feet with open arms

Similar to Altra running shoes, the Antora has a "very roomy" toe box, said multiple experts. Even those with wide feet find it highly spacious for themselves; their toes never feel constricted. 

Merrell Antora 2 toe box

Looking for a flexible shoe? Skip this. 

Those who want to keep their steps natural-feeling might not like the stiff midsole of the Antora 2. This is a gripe that most critics share. 

Merrell Antora 2 flexibility

Sloppy toebox

Because it's so roomy, narrow-footed runners are not fans of it. According to them, it makes the shoe's fit "sloppy" and "loose." 

Good to know

Merrell Antora 2 lacing system