Our verdict


Merrell Alpine Hiker slays in hiking tracks with its slim, low-key, yet stylish profile. It stands spectacularly well with its comforting build that grants non-sore legs after casual hikes and superb foot support. Added bonus is it is vegan and made sustainably.


  • Sore-less comfort
  • No need to break in
  • Perfect for light hikes
  • Great traction
  • Soft yet supportive footbed
  • Stabilizing
  • Vegan
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Non-bulky and stylish
  • Adds height
  • Waterproof


  • Not durable
  • Has irritating grommets
  • Narrow fit

Who should buy the Merrell Alpine Hiker

Cop a pair if you:

  • Usually go on short hikes and other casual outdoor activities
  • Are adventurous and want to explore both wet and dry terrains
  • Wish to consider vegan sneakers to promote animal-free products.

Merrell Alpine Hiker merrell-alpine-hiker-lateral-side-merrell-brand

Who should not buy it

Look away if you want a very durable pair of Merrell sneakers, and get Merrell Moab Adventure Mid Waterproof instead. On the other hand, Alpine Hiker has a tight fit, so you might want to switch to Merrell Moab Adventure Mid Waterproof for a roomy toe box. 

Merrell Alpine Hiker merrell-alpine-hiker-collar-pull-tab

Merrell Alpine Hiker lies on the narrow side

This sneaker was confirmed to run narrow by reviewers. Others warned people with wide feet to skip this sneaker boot, but a few still purchased it, just half a size bigger.

Incredibly comfortable right off the bat

Alpine Hiker is proclaimed to be super comfortable by most of the reviewers. Many concurred that it did not require a break-in period and agreed to statements saying it is “comfortable from the get-go” and “a dream to wear right out of the box.” A significant amount of comments also confirmed that it does not cause any soreness even after hikes.

Merrell Alpine Hiker merrell-alpine-hiker-lacing-system

However, blistering-wise, reviewers’ experiences were divided. Some had zero blisters, while others reported cuts.

Compromised pleasure, thanks not to the eyelets

Since the metal eyelets of this sneaker have no cover whatsoever inside, they tend to rub against the sneakerheads’ feet. Many expressed their dismay and wished its grommets were covered with some fabric.

Merrell Alpine Hiker merrell-alpine-hiker-insole-merrell

Merrel Alpine Hiker: A casual hiker’s bestfriend

“Best casual hiking shoe” is the title a reviewer decided to describe Alpine Hiker. According to comments, it is perfect for short day hikes, rail trails, and everyday casual wear. One even said she “felt like a legit hiker” with these sneaker boots. Although, it is worth noting that a reviewer does not recommend it as “serious hiking boots.”

Merrell Alpine Hiker merrell-alpine-hiker-forefoot

Keeps the feet bone-dry

In the woods, muddy tracks, and puddles. During the rain, snow, or any weather conditions. Name it! People wore this Merrell sneaker anywhere, but their feet stayed warm and dry. 

Merrell Alpine Hiker conquers slippery situations

This sneaker's “shark-tooth tread” was praised for its nonslip grip on trails, wet grounds, and other surfaces. People appreciated the stability it provided while overcoming terrains and even in snow and ice. One testified that she could “move easily over rocks.”

Merrell Alpine Hiker merrell-alpine-hiker-midsole-outsole

Downright supportive

A reviewer defined Alpine Hiker’s midsole as “cushy as a cloud yet supportive.” Others also share the same opinion regarding its offered superb foot support.

Poor durability

Although some reviewers have claimed this pair to be still in good condition after months of casual hiking, some comments suggest the opposite. Several hikers reported Alpine Hiker falling apart after a short period. The unraveling rubber on the toe box seems to be their main issue.

Merrell Alpine Hiker merrell-alpine-hiker-outsole-midfoot-merrell-brand

Animal-cruelty-free boots

Fans admired Merrell for using vegan leather in creating Alpine Hiker. A vegan consumer was so glad to have a beautiful addition to the few vegan options in the market. Furthermore, Alpine Hiker also incorporated recycled materials into its laces, insoles, and outsoles. 

Merrell Alpine Hiker merrell-alpine-hiker-lacing-d-ring

Stylish in and out of the woods

Compared to other hiking-inspired sneakers, Alpine Hikers “look fairly sleek,” as observed by a reviewer. Many also loved that it gave them extra height.