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8 reasons to buy

  • The Meindl Perfekt received stellar ratings from droves of reviewers for being immensely comfortable.
  • Its remarkably supportive collar left many users in deep amazement.
  • This backpacking footgear from Meindl runs true to size, based on numerous reports.
  • The boot’s ability to warm the foot in wintry conditions astonished several patrons.
  • Some owners raved about the Perfekt’s incredibly grippy Vibram outsole.
  • A small number of wearers applauded its fantastic craftsmanship.
  • This Meindl backpacking gear impressed about a handful of customers with its high compatibility with most waterproof wax products.
  • On the aesthetics front, this boot was considered top-class by a couple of purchasers.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Breaking in this Meindl Perfekt hiker was quite the ordeal for several outdoor adventurers. Some of them spent weeks trying to get the boot softened up to unsatisfying results.
  • A few users reacted negatively to the lumbering weight of this footgear.

Bottom line

There are those who value a boot that provides tons of comfort and support. Then there are those who require excellent surface traction and warmth in their backpacking footwear. Fortunately, the sizing-consistent Meindl Perfekt has all that and more. The footgear, however, is barely “perfect” what with its criticisms. Indeed, either its drawn-out break-in phase or unremarkable heaviness might be enough to scare some backpackers away. To conclude, the Perfekt is a magnificent Meindl shoe whose exemplary offerings outmatch its manageable shortcomings.

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Good to know

  • The Meindl Perfekt is geared towards helping backpackers endure challenging treks with a balance between supportive comfort and performance. It falls under the brand’s C category of boots, which means it is specially built for multi-day expeditions where the terrain is considerably rocky and rough.
  • Dealing with the assaults of the ground’s ruggedness is the Perfekt’s brawny sole unit. It is a tandem between a cushy yet tough midsole and a Vibram outsole, called Montagna. Its construction makes the footgear crampon compatible.

A fairly true-to-size, high-cut backpacking gear is the men’s Meindl Perfekt. It is offered in B – standard width. Its sizing selection is a combination of full and half sizes. Wearers may customize its fit for a precise and secure lockdown using the shoe’s ghillie lacing. The footbed that comes with this product by default also molds to the shape of the foot, giving its interior a more personalized fit with time.

Enabling Perfekt users to keep a secure footing over extremely rugged terrain is the Vibram Montagna outsole. Cross-shaped studs and mostly horizontal lugs populate its surface, contributing to its overall slip resistance and grip performance. It is also engineered with a hook-like heel (also known as heel brake) which provides trekkers with bolstered stopping power while going down steep slopes.

With the Meindl Perfekt’s sturdy midsole, owners get to experience the outdoors with sufficient terrain protection and cushioning. It is made extra rigid to give the foot a stable platform. It has enough thickness, especially at the heel, to grant backpackers adequate shock absorption on impact.

The amount of cushioning this midsole provides on its own may not be enough for some. As a response to that, Meindl designers opted to pair it with a company-owned insert—the foot-conforming Air Active Soft Print drysole footbed. It is made of chemically neutral fibers. It has the capability to dry quickly and deal with moisture proactively.

Being in a pair of Meindl Perfekt boots means being seen in its high-top enclosure made of sil-Russian leather. Its liner is also made of leather, giving its interior a soft and cushy feel. Its tongue is capable of keeping intrusive debris (think sand and mulch) walled off. This feature is made possible by having both of its sides sealed with a sheet of leather.

The Meindl Perfekt’s lace-up closure is made up of metallic eyelets and a flat synthetic lace. It allows for quick, last-minute configurations thanks to the open construction of its top eyelets.

Cleaning the Meindl Perfekt is a good practice to keep it in tip-top shape for longer. The following are simple instructions on how to help extend the footwear’s longevity:

  • After every adventure, rid the gear of anything foreign caking it using a soft brush. Remove its lace and footbed prior to washing. Since this boot is made almost entirely of leather, it must be washed by hand only and not in a washer. Gently brush the gear both inside and out in warm running water.
  • Dry the Perfekt in a breezy and shaded environment. Never expose it to a heat source. A wet liner may be dried faster by stuffing the shoe’s interior with newspaper. Reminder: Remove the newspaper after a few hours.


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