Who should buy the Mavic XA Matryx

Many cyclists say that every element applied to the XA Matryx serves a purpose during your ride. Every component has been designed to make your time on and off the bike comfortable yet efficient.

Who should not buy the Mavic XA Matryx

Some individuals who are used to uber stiff soles find this bike shoe lacking in rigidity and some say that it is quite expensive as well. If you are looking for a shoe that renders an excellent grip and a sole that balances flexibility and rigidity, you might want to check the Giro Ventana Fastlace.

Incredible stability and pedal control

Many cyclists who wear this shoe stated that it offers stability and pedal control so you can ride harder.

Superb traction and durability

With its new Contagrip tread, cyclists say that it offers superb traction and durability, and it is 25% more grippy in the wet and dry than the leading competitor.

Removable cleat plate 

Many cyclists were amazed by its removable cleat plate. They stated that you can switch from flat to clip-in pedals.

Renders efficient performance

With its rigid internal plate, cyclists say that it delivers efficient pedaling performance, but it is also flexible enough for walking.

Comfortable cushioning

The majority of the reviews of Mavic XA Matryx say that it has amazing amounts of comfort.

Well ventilated

Several wearers mention that this footwear has adequate airflow.

Long-lasting materials and construction

Some owners commend this pair's long-lasting materials and construction.


Cyclists say that this shoe is very good at resisting splashes and water since there’s a reinforced toe cap zone and also a sock-style nylon liner underneath wrapping inside the front part.

Snug fit

Cyclists say that with its Endofit Tongue, it hugs the foot in just the right places for maximum comfort and also renders a snug fit.

Quicklace closure

With its quick lace closure, they stated that it provides one-step tightening and loosening. Velcro straps tuck away the laces and enhance fit.

Mavic XA Matryx's main features and benefits

  • The brand's Contragrip tread offers traction and durability and is said to be 25% more grippy in wet conditions compared to others.
  • Comfortable stiffness of 60 out of 100 provides enough power transfer and easy walking.
  • Removable cleat cover that offers the option to switch between flat and SPD cleats.
  • Reinforcements in toecap proved protection from bumps and impacts.
  • A sleek silhouette that is deemed stylish.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 355g
Base model: Mavic XA
Use: Mountain
Cleat design: 2 holes
Closure: Velcro, Speed lacing
Features: SPD, Recessed cleats
Material: Synthetic, Nylon composite sole

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