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8 reasons to buy

  • A majority of cyclists agree that the Mavic Cosmic Pro is a satisfyingly comfortable shoe.
  • Most purchasers admire the road cycling shoe’s excellent quality in materials and build.
  • According to a lot of wearers, this pair’s lightweight feel is impeccable.
  • Plenty of consumers adore the Cosmic Pro’s sleek and stylish aesthetic design.
  • Several users complement the footwear’s stiff sole as it yields excellent power without being uncomfortable.
  • This bike shoe’s retention system offers easy and on-the-go adjustments, which some riders appreciate.
  • It has excellent value for its price, say a number of buyers.
  • A few reviewers like how easy it is to keep the shoe clean.

1 reason not to buy

  • Several shoppers express their desire for more colorway options.

Bottom line

The Mavic Cosmic Pro is one of the French brand’s top-of-the-line bike footgear. The shoe is popular for its performance reliability and durability. The Energy Carbon Outsole’s optimal fitness along the shoe’s overall comfortable and supportive construction make for an ideal companion for serious road cyclists.

The Cosmic Pro could be for you if you’re on the hunt for an all-around excellent road shoe.

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Good to know

Who is it for? Staying true to its name, this shoe is meant for serious cyclists who need optimal power transfer and comfort for routes with plenty of uphill sections. 

What is it good for?

  • The shoe’s Full Energy Carbon outsole and supportive upper design make it suitable for road rides that involve a lot of mountainous climbs or race competitions.
  • The upper is equipped with Energy Frame while the heel is supported by a technology that prevents heel slippage. This combination keeps the foot from moving around despite dynamic pedaling.
  • Strategically placed perforation holes make for an ideal cycling footwear during long, intense sessions in the summer.

Lightweight and stiff. This pair’s Energy Carbon Outsole is rated 80 out of 100 by the brand. This optimum rigidity delivers every watt of energy exerted onto the pedals. Hence, no effort is wasted and energy is ultimately conserved.

The full carbon outsole material is also super lightweight preventing any cause of strain to the leg and foot.

The Mavic Cosmic Pro is compatible with three-bolt cleats and pedals. Try the following pedals to pair with this footwear: Shimano Ultergra 6800, Look Keo Blade 2 CR, and Ritchey WCS Carbon Echelon.

Markings are provided in the outsole to serve as a guide in precise cleat positioning.

Excellent lockdown. The shoe’s lockdown is mainly governed by two Mavic Ergo Dial QR dials. This system is composed of a lace that effectively tightens the entire upper as the dials are turned. These dials can be tightened in 1mm increments while a quick-release function allows for easy taking off of the shoes.

Comfort and ventilation. Equipped with perforated synthetic microfiber uppers, the Cosmic Pro allows for an optimal fit and excellent airflow.

This model features the brand’s Endofit tongue technology. This innovation is designed to hug the foot that yields a fit that emulates “the glove effect”. The brand also claims that it offers a roomier toe box compared to the standard Mavic fit.

Lastly, this technology is also designed so that the tongue can’t move around inside the shoe.

The Mavic Cosmic Pro road shoe was based on one of the brand’s other models called the Cosmic Pro Ltd. The latter shoe was built exclusively for pro World Tour athletes, and the Cosmic Pro is the version that became available to the market.


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