Mad Rock Weaver notable features

-The Mad Rock Weaver is engineered for senders who need extra flexibility in their climbing footwear. It is an all-rounder whose breathable construction delivers enhanced comfort with every movement.

-Science Friction R2 and Science Friction 3.0 are two of the brand-exclusive technologies with which the Weaver is built. These two components provide lateral grip and underfoot surface traction, respectively.


Downturn. The Weaver is part of Mad Rock’s selection of neutral climbing shoes. It comes without a downward camber, making it capable of getting into slots and similar footholds with relative ease. Rock kicks of this type deliver lasting sneaker-like comfort—ideal for multi-pitch ascents or extended climbs.

Applications. This Mad Rock gear is an indoor-slash-outdoor rock shoe built specifically for beginners. It provides a kind of performance that supports a wide variety of climbing techniques.


The Mad Rock Weaver is a low-cut climbing shoe crafted especially for the male crowd. Its fabric-based upper conforms to the shape of the foot yet might stretch a little with time and regular use. The foot is expected to bend inwardly within its moderately asymmetric (curved) confines. Its dual-strapped Velcro closure promises a secure and customized lockdown.


Midsole. Mad Rock designers opted to give the Weaver a heavy-duty midsole (of a polycarbonate sort) for added support underfoot. They gave it an overall thickness of 1.8 mm.

Outsole. What offers enough surface traction on a variety of surfaces in the Weaver is the Science Friction 3.0 outsole. This lightweight yet sticky component comes at 4.2 mm in thickness. Its rear part has grippy vertical ridges, which provide extra slip and skid resistance on sideway smears with the heel.


The Mad Rock Weaver’s below-the-ankle upper, also known as FloKnit, is made of long-wearing knit fabric. It is built with heat-infused TPU or thermoplastic polyurethane for abrasion protection and enhanced structural integrity. Owners can get in and out of its confines with relative ease using its trio of synthetic pull loops. Its bottom section comes engineered with Science Friction R2—a rubberized covering that grants adhesive power on contact. It also has a rubber heel zone with treads, which enables the heel to latch on to curves and like projections with enough stickiness.

Rounding out all things upper in the Weaver is the rock shoe’s strappy closure system. It consists mainly of two synthetic straps, both of which come with hook-and-loop fasteners for adjustability.

Nice to know

  • Mad Rock fans who are fascinated with the breathable FloKnit technology might find the Haywire a good alternative to the Weaver.


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