Mad Rock Remora notable features

-The Mad Rock Remora is a downturned rock shoe built for senders who require an all-around kind of climbing performance. Its partly soft, partly sturdy construction promises adequate security on climbs without sacrificing comfort.

-It is one of Mad Rock’s vegan-friendly rock climbing kicks. This means that the shoe in question is devoid of any animal substance from top to bottom.

-The Remora is engineered with a brand-exclusive outsole for surface traction. It, however, does not come with a midsole, giving the shoe extra flexibility and enhanced underfoot sensitivity as a result.


Downturn. The Remora from Mad Rock comes with a moderately downward camber. With it, users can mount on projections, like edges and nubbins, with enough security and precision. Comfort in such a shoe can last multiple ascents in one go.

Applications. This moderately downturned shoe is built for sport routes, trad climbing, and bouldering. It is an all-rounder that has the capability to take on vertical faces, cracks, and overhangs, whether indoors or outdoors.


The Remora is a low-top shoe engineered specifically for the male climber. It is included in Mad Rock’s lineup of kicks with a performance fit. Since it has an all-synthetic kind of construction, it might provide very minimal stretch with regular use. Its asymmetry translates to forcing the foot to bend inward within its confines. Owners can get a secure lockdown in it using the shoe’s elastic closure.


Outsole. What stands between the foot and the surface in the Remora is a sticky outsole called Science Friction 3.0. It provides multi-directional slip resistance, whether on gym walls or rocky terrain. Mad Rock designers gave it a single-piece construction with an overall thickness of 4.2 millimeters.


The Mad Rock Remora’s comfy upper, also known as Syn Flex, is purely synthetic. It comes with triple the pull loops to expedite on and off. Both its heel and forefoot zones are engineered with R2 rubber—another company-exclusive tech—for sufficient surface traction in and around wall or rock features. The lower part of its instep also has a sticky rubber patch to make toe hooks as secure of a maneuver as possible.

As a slip-on, the Remora does not come with a standard lace-up closure. Instead, it uses elastic gore or stretchy panels to keep the foot snugly in place.

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